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Chrometits' Most Anticipated: 2014

Despite the onwards march of questionable business practices and the (now) almost obligatory impending sense of doom in regards to certain ways of gaming life (from certain channels), 2013 was a magnificent year on the gaming front. Just choosing the best games was a near impossible task and one I myself won�t even try to attempt. Respect to anyone who managed it and I�ve enjoyed reading all of your best choices of 2013.

2014 is shaping up to be a tasty one and whilst by no means fixed, here are my 6 most wanted from where I stand. Why top 6? It was going to be a top 5 but I got carried away and overshot the mark.

6 - Bayonetta 2

Do any of these have anyone else excited? If not what's on your radar? Looking forward to a vintage year.
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