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some mass effect love

Good Morning folks and a happy new year!!

Yesterday, when the whole city of berlin celebrated the passing of 2013 and the new year 2014 i decided to stay inside, not get blown to pieces by fireworks, and replay the first mass effect.


I remember when i first heard about the game, i was already totally hyped.
After playing both Kotors on the original xbox i couldnīt wait to get to this!
A whole new universe to discover with completely new aliens, planets, abilities,  real choices that would matter in the long run, and all in "next-gen" grafics.

It was also the first game i downloaded from  games on demand. it took about three days with my shitty internet connection, but once it was there i loved every second (exept the macko) of it.

Imho the first Mass Effect game does something the sequels couldnīt deliver anymore (even though i also like them a lot) and that is: "the epic unkown".
Everything the game throws at you makes it seem so epic. 
During the first mission when you see the reaper ship take of...goosebumps...

I also love the soundtrack sooo much! 
Pure synth awesomeness...from the sounds in the menues to the mean but beautiful bassline thatīs playing when you die...


I canīt wait to get back from dialysis today to jump back in and persue saren, kill me some husks and try to understand the reapers...

ps.: this is also my first blog ever on destructoid, though i linger since quite a while...
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