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Communitoid Episode 026 - Social Justice For Camels!

Here's Communitoid Episode 026 - Social Justice For Camels! �In this Giant-Size episode: Aaron is too much of a wuss to play Team Fortess 2, Joanna is a quitter, Conor sings us the song of his people, Andy advocates stealing children, and Jim AKA OpiumHerz teaches us some German-talk . �We also discuss scat porn, ponder why God hasn't created real-life Pokemon, Having no mouths and being unable to scream, making the community more awesome, censorship in games, and awesome game manuals. Sorry about the annoying background noise in the latter part of the episode. Stay tuned after the credits for a special bonus goodbye to Jo! Enjoy!

ATTENTION! �We're planning a revamp of Communitoid soon, including a new title that you can help us choose! �Hit the Forums for the details!

Break song: Erwachen by Denn unser sind viele

Follow us @Communitoid on Twitter and join our Facebook group! �If you'd like to be a guest on a future episode or want to submit a community intro or promo, email [email protected].

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Opening and closing themes by Adam AcH (bravebeat.com and SoundCloud). Show logo by ZombiePlatypus. Cblog banner by TheCiderMan.

Full show notes available at communitoid.libsyn.com
Community Assignment:
What will you most remember about the 7th generation?

Dear D-Toiders by Andy Dixon
Guerilly Gaming by Wally-G
A Rant (okay fine, a MANIFESTO) Concerning Video Game Journalism by Tzara
Because Photo Journalism: PAX Prime 2013 Part 1: Opening Ceremonies Edition by MeanderBot
Let Grandpa Script Tell You About Game Manuals by Script
Spoiler Alert: Mario is the Villain by greyXstar
You'd Best Holster That Gun by ooktar
Valve's Steam Offensive by SpronyVanJohnson

Community Discourse by Char Aznable
Dtoid spoofs Windows 7 by Zodiac Eclipse

Tales of Werewolf:
Nihil hosted a H.P. Lovecraft themed game of Werewolf. Students win, go Fighting Cephalopods!

Meet Ups:
Gamer Inclusion Con: December 4th, London by GlowBear
Jan 2-5: MAGFest 12 by Dyganth
PAX East 2014 by pk fire

Other Stuff:
Check out The worst thing about censorship is ******* series by OpiumHerz!

If you host a community podcast, please send an email to [email protected]!
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