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"Short Question" and "a Feature I want for every Handheld from now to Eternity"

Hi guys, it's me again.

I just wanted to ask a short question to the guys actually reading blogs around here. Like last year, I want to do a "My 2013 in gaming", however, I wanted to mix things up a bit. I've been toying with this idea for some time now: "My year in 2013" is going to be a Podcast. Or well: I'm planning on making it one.�
It would contain my whole year in gaming (not just the highlights) and be accompanied by music from those titles etc. so that you wouldn't have to hear me talk for all that time.�
The question I now have is:�

Are you guys even interested?

Just wanted to know if it's ok to upload here and making a blog-post out of it without being perceived as an attention-whore or show-off.
Just leave your opinion in the comments; it's greatly appreciated.

And now for something completely different.

I was just sitting on the can, when this happened to me:


Owners of said system will know that screen all too well, as will PS3 owners.�
If you hadn't guessed by now, let me explain it again: This came up, when I was on the CAN. I just wanted to take a dump and maybe master a course or two in "Sonic & All-Stars: Racing transformed", but was it possible? NO!

Because someone decided, that having WLAN would be an EXCELLENT opportunity to update the System Software whenever possible.
I admire the thought of all those people over in their tiny cubicles thinking about all the good they could do for us gamers, but DAMNIT: THINK OF THEIR BOWEL MOVEMENTS AS WELL.�

Your updates take long...or at least long enough for me to "finish" before YOU are finished.�

Now you're saying: "Well you made a picture, so obviously you were well entertained"


The above picture is not mine. I googled it. Why did I have to do it? Because I didn't take my cellphone with me.
Why didn't I do it?�


This isn't the first time I've been relegated to reading the back of the shampoo-bottle for the bazillionth time so now I ask for...no...I DEMAND for the following feature to be implemented into any handheld console from now on to eternity (because my 3DS starts to do that as well <.<):

The "I'm on the can"-button.

It's a little button, that is located on that side of the device, that doesn't interfere with your finger movement. It wouldn't have to be big, however, come in nice ceramic-white, or being made of ceramic to begin with, so that everyone could even guess its purpose without having to check the manual.
This button immediately puts a hold on any updates, downloads, �installs, etc. and lets you use your handheld for anything BUT STARING AT MOTHERF'N PROGRESS-BAR.

"It's not possible" I hear you developers saying? STOP IT. Don't give me that crap (literally)!
The Vita boasts near-PS3-power, a touchscreen, a rear-touchpad, TWO cameras, SIXAXIS, twin-control-sticks, WLAN....and you can't be arsed to add a simple button? Noooooo, I don't think so.

This Button.

Do it.


So I don't have to vent, after I have to vent.

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