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...And a Happy New Game!

Ah, Christmas. It's that wonderful time of year. Filled with cheer, festivities, and so much food you're guaranteed to develop diabetes and strokes over the next six months.

Well, it used to be that time of year. Now I only see the constant demand of screaming children, given expensive gifts that would place their parents so far in debt that the parents would end up selling the children later in life just to repay back that same debt. People worry too much that their Christmas is ruined because they can't afford anything for their families and friends. I never thought Christmas would have a price on it, but in this day and age, it does. Granted, I do enjoy gifts when people know me down to a T, but even then sometimes I'm happy with a homemade card or something (I was spoiled with a couple brand new games this year, and it feels weird, but I am highly appreciative of it). Even a letter, hell if I know!

B'awww! Sneeze, fight, win kitty!
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