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I quit gaming today. Here's why.

Games are great. However, having a 'hobby' that consumes your life, wrecks your room, kills any social skills, ruins any functionality as a human, and all of the above isn't. So I cut gaming out of my life. I love all of you but I don't have anything to offer you at this moment. Will I get back in to gaming? Probably in a few years. However, for now, I need to put academics and my other NEW hobby, coding at the front.�

I'm sorry I have to leave this site because I was just not enjoying myself anymore. There are MANY other reasons but I don't want to go in detail. I just have to let it go. Hopefully one day I'll code games. But as 1 door closes another opens, right? Again, thanks for all the good memories and some bad ones *coughs*DMCdantehate*coughs*, Destructoid.

You can follow my tumblr
coilwhine.tumblr.com (i hate tumblr but it's pretty much my website) for more info and stuff.�

Adios, Dtoid.
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