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Top 10 iOS games that don't suck

[font=Verdana]I've had my iPad with Retina display for little over a year, and I learned a few things.
1. Apple sucks.
2. J@ilbreak it no matter what, it's worth it
3. MOST games on it are utter garbage.
However, this blog isn't going to talk about the thousands and thousands of Angry Birds or Temple Run clones. This blog is going to talk about GOOD iOS games. My top 10.

10. Rail Rush[/font]
Now, this is the only guilty pleasure game on this list. I swear. Rail Rush is heavily built off of Temple Run. However, it comes off feeling less forced on the social elements and more on the adventure elements and the feeling of going REALLY fast on a minecart. I'm not quite sure why I like it so much, but it comes off making me feel much better than playing Temple Run 7 - iAP edition.

9. Year Walk[/font]
Year Walk is an amazing, yet chilling experience that utilizes touch controls that don't feel forced and is a challenging yet unbelievably fun Point n' Click adventure game. Definitely one of my favorites.

8. Mirror's Edge[/font]
This fun yet simple game is a perfect 2.5D Mirror's Edge experience. Controls are tight, its music is good, it looks... like Mirror's Edge, and it is the definitive mobile Mirror's Edge experience. Seeing as you can get it for cheap now, I recommend picking it up.

7. Dead Space[/font]
Yet another EA title, this wonderful game is based off of one of my favorite series-that-declined-in-quality-quite-quickly, Dead Space! A lengthy campaign, stunning graphics that look good even today, and customisable, well-suited controls makes this a must for anyone with an iOS device.

6. Rayman Jungle Run[/font]
How could I NOT leave this title off - this is the king of endless runners, it takes the great, hand drawn looks of Rayman Origins and one-button control to make a flawless, challenging masterpiece. THIS is how you make good platformers on iOS.

5. Beat Sneak Bandit[/font]
This game takes stealth and rhythm to a new level and creates a crazy, stylized game that definitely earns a spot on your home screen.
4. Ridiculous Fishing[/font]
This game is addicting. Catching fish, then shooting those fish you catch out of the sky is pure Vlambeer fun. It's good that Vlambeer continued to work on this game after it was cloned, their work paid off to make a truly unique and special game.
3. Deus Ex The Fall[/font]
Most fans of Deus Ex HATE this game, but I love it because even though it's on iOS by Squeenix (AVOID all their other iOS games, especially All The Bravest) it still manages to bring a great, console-quality Deus Ex game to mobile devices. Its iAP (yes, it does have a store) is largely nonintrusive and it has all the basic Deus Ex features on iOS devices.
2. Spiral Episode 1[/font]
Spiral Episode 1 is a cross between Jak and Daxter and Metal Gear Solid, along with taking immersive 3-D combat along with it. The game looks amazing, making full use of an open world and large environments. It is an episodic game but one of the most underrated games on iOS, which is a crying shame. This is my (second) favorite mobile game of all time.
1. Lili[/font]
When I got my iPad this was the first game I bought. It's about a girl with hipster glasses and hot pants collecting flowers and defeating creepy enemies with masks on an open-world island. It is wonderful and charming, almost Nintendo-esque charm, to the point where it even references Mario and Zelda. It's my favorite iOS game, but even more, it's one of my favorite HANDHELD games of all time. It's a fun experience through and through.

There are my 10 top iOS games. Pretty much all other iOS games are crap
(though I was tempted to add an Infinity Blade game or Parashoot Stan (by the guy who made Conker's Bad Fur Day) to the list but they're honorable mentions so be wise when purchasing on iOS. And remember - when it comes down to game quality between 3DS/Vita or iOS/Android - get a 3DS/Vita. Most touch controls suck.
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