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An evolving setup and more Killer Instinct


A few issues I'm having:�

1. The Kinect refuses to sign me in even though I've adjusted it in the settings and when I go into the "I wasn't recognized" option, my happy face is in very plain view.� I'm guessing I'm a hair too close.� Voice commands work fine though.

2. Wire management.� Gonna have to fix that.

3. Surge protection.� Gotta fix that too.

4. Monitor.� That's a 22 inch, 1080p monitor.� It works great but the sound is awful and it has one dead pixel.� In the middle of the screen.� It hates me, I hate it.� It will be replaced with this beauty.

5. Sound.� I have an older model Turtle Beach X31 headset.� It doesn't have optical in so I have an adapter incoming from Newegg.

6. A comfortable seat.� I don't have a good chair.� I have a fold-out metal monster that hates my ass.� This must be corrected.

Other than that, it's become my own little gaming oasis and I'm quite pleased.

On a side note.� I achieved a personal milestone last night by causing my first rage quit on Killer Instinct.� I was quite proud.
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