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Confession: I am horrible at Killer Instinct

I am a terrible Killer Instinct player.� It's not the game that is at fault.� It's fairly simple to learn, not incredibly challenging to master.� It's responsive, fluid, and well designed.� No, it's just me.� While it isn't hard to learn, it does require some pretty complicated hand-eye twitch movements to pull off those awesome combos.� I'm getting better, and that's something the game encourages you to do as well.

I honestly don't know why I picked to main Thunder.� I guess there's just something about his move-set that I enjoy.� While he's the big slow character of the (currently) small roster, he's not sluggish and can unleash combos that drain half a health bar pretty easily.� My problem?� I drop combo all the time.� I'll be on a good roll and, opps, dropped the combo.� Plus, sometimes my brain just stops telling my fingers what to do.� Especially when being pressured.

It doesn't help that you can't do the amazingly thorough Dojo mode with your chosen character, only with Jago.� Why they did that, I have no idea.� I'm hoping it's something they plan on changing in the near future as it's the reason I haven't bothered with it even though it's brilliant.� So, for me, it all comes down to practice.� Against the AI in survival, in Practice mode to stop dropping combos, and in exhibition matches to get better against real people.� So, if you meet me online, know that I will try to beat you.� But, I make no promises.

PRO TIP: The Kinect is the default communication device, you have to go into settings and turn it off so that people cannot hear your entire household's conversations while playing online.� I'm sure your children are adorable, I don't want to hear them screaming though.
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