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Win XCOM: Enemy Unknown! Donate your body to science


Afterwards, I'll play through the game and let you know how we all did in a future blog post. Will our crack team of Dtoid veterans save the world? Or has a lifetime of videogames left us unprepared for the rigours of combat? Or will I just mis-click and accidentally send a rocket into our own foxhole?

I can't promise if you'll be in the squad, or even have your preferred gender. With every new recruit in the game, I'll roll a random name from the pool of volunteers, so squad selection will be a crapshoot. However, I can all but guarantee that I'll get several of you killed - and probably single out one or two "lucky" volunteers´┐Ż to have their limbs chopped off and stuff what's left of their torso into a robotic coffin.

The things we do for free videogames.

(As always, please make sure you have, or are willing to make, a Steam account so you can claim the prize if you win. And of course, I don't care if you already own the game, ENTER ANYWAY ´┐Ż you are always free to trade it, gift it, or use it for your own contest!)
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