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The one game I am truly thankful for


"You wanna know the real difference between you and me? .... I'm not afraid to be the center of attention."

Props to the actors and the rest of the team for properly syncing up two acts for one character. And to Destructoid for making it into the video!

I'm trying to make this as condensed, yet informative as possible. To accurately describe why Alan Wake means so much to me. When, really, I guess it's just indescribable. Like love between two humans, I love Alan Wake even more than the sum of all of it's fantastic parts. I treat it as if it were more than perfect, yet I know it totally isn't. 

I could keep typing about the game's individual qualities and why they're as good as they are, but there's an outer layer of appreciation that I can't put into words. 

On the real, Thanksgiving is about appreciating your friends and family more and more each year. I don't get to see my family too often, so I'm looking forward to some conversation, a big dinner, and perhaps some fun with my ADORABLE little cousins. However, that doesn't mean we can't also say thanks for some of the things less meaningful to us that just make life a little more entertaining and fulfilling.  

Alan Wake, more than any other video game, I just fucking love. 

Thank you, Remedy. So much.
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