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Occam Thoughts: Prints (NVGR)

Art.  I love art.  Art ART ARRRRT!  Fun to say, fun to collect.  So as a creature who relies almost solely on visual memory and who works in a gallery, its no big shock that my collecting proclivities have led me to start purchasing art prints.  Fortunately, there are a lot of great galleries and artists out there who sell their wares at reasonably reasonable prices.  While I have all sorts of prints, today I would like to focus on the prints based on and inspired by movies.  I hope you enjoy them.

Randy Ortiz - John Carpenter's The Thing

The moment I saw this I knew I needed it in my waking world.  John Carpenter's perfect take on the horror classic is my favorite horror movie.  The creature effects were terrifying as a child and became fascinating to me as an adult. Randy Ortiz captures the alien horror that I adore so much.  He really captures the little details with his line work and muted colors.  I have seen a lot of Thing prints but this is the only Thing print I will ever need.

Ollie Moss - The Dark Knight Rises

Arguably the most famous print maker out there today, every thing Ollie Moss produces is an instant collector's item and work of art.  His vision is so unique as ab artist and the way he can play with shapes and shadows to create a statement is fucking brilliant.  I picked this up after it sat around in my head for a while.  I dig Batman but I never thought I needed a print.  However, Moss does this art deco take on Batman that is just lovely.  Strong, rigid lines and a hard profile then there's the Batman symbol in the mask.  It was just too awesome to pass up.

Ken Taylor - Beetlejuice

So I love Beetlejuice.  We all do, right?  It's a classic.  Great story, iconic imagery, amazing soundtrack and a script filled with quotable lines.  So when I saw this beauty by Ken Taylor, I had to have it.  Look at this.  Ken Taylor is a color pimp.  He makes those colors work for him.  He never hits the colors and he takes care of them.  This is a prime example of a master color pimp.  That green/blue with a touch of light grey for the darker areas contrasts perfectly against that faded burgundy red.  Fucking amazing.  Also, SANDWORM.

Jay Shaw - Ed Gein

As a younger man, I was fascinated with serial killers.  Its a phase that seemingly a lot of young men and women went through.  Maybe its a rite of passage for the quiet kids.  Ed Gein was the most fascinating to me.  He did unspeakable acts and inspired Leatherface and Psycho.  The photographs I've seen of him are unsettling.  Not just because I see this man and know what he did but his eyes...the switch was off, ya know?

Jay Shaw makes art that almost looks like a memory printed out.  I saw this poster and it just made sense. Splashes of color, lines stopping and starting.  Its like he gives you just enough to complete it in your mind.  The way he drew Gein, all red and black like his blood is on fire.  It's horrible and it fits.

Jason Edmiston - Terminator

Jason Edmiston makes art magic.  How anyone can take paints and pencils and a canvas and creates stuff like this is beyond my tiny Alien Ant Farm brain.  This is the print I am currently on the hunt for.  Its a stunning rendition of the T-800 in all its chrome and flame glory.  Seriously, look at those colors.  They are amazing.  All his stuff is just as bright and smooth as this.  I highly recommend you check his work out. Also, those two purple lasers streaking across the sky make this sort of look like the T-800 is posing for a high school graduation photo in the 80's.

Alex Pardee - Scream

This is one I've had my eye on for a while but haven't been able to acquire it yet.  I never thought I'd get a Scream anything as the movie was alright but I didn't really go nuts over it back in the day.  However, Pardee is so clever with his use of color and gore that I really liked it.  Its both horrifying and clever at the same time and really stands out as one of the better prints based on movies that I've seen out there.  Also, Alex Pardee does amazing work with lots of weird nightmare creatures and colors like demonic ejaculations. 

Godmachine - "Time Not Important. Only Life Important''

The Fifth Element is one of those movies that I will watch damn near every time its on tv even though I own it on dvd.  Its such a beautiful and strange movie, like one part sci-fi action epic and one part French perfume commercial.  I found the giant space suit beings from the beginning visually very fascinating.  So when I saw this I knew it would make a lovely addition to my collection.  Godmachine creates a lot of prints that would fit comfortably on the cover of a death metal album.  While this may be a slight departure from his usual forte, it still contains all the elements his prints are known for. Lots of black, heavy lines and bits of color.  Oh, and this glows in the dark.  How much fun is that?

Garbage Flesh Eaters - Omar Hauksson

Halloween is a badass time for prints.  A lot of galleries and artists release special Halloween prints or horror-themed prints.  From Nakatomi, Inc (a great printing lab and showcaser of fine works out of Austin, TX) comes the Garbage Flesh Eaters series.  Combining iconic zombie films with Garbage Pail Kids art, Omar Hauksson created a lovely homage to the greatest of the zombie films.  While there are 5 prints in total, I only picked up these two.  Each zombie is named after the director of the movie in which the zombie appeared.  Gored George is for George Romero and Oily O'Bannon is for Dan O'Bannon.  I love all things Garbage Pail Kids so this was a no brainer for me.

Welcome to the Apocalypse - Alexander Iaccarino

This is another one on my list of future purchases.  As someone who was in a group of friends that went to Babbage's to buy the VHS tapes of Evangelion when they were released in the states, I have a very soft spot in my heart for the series.  Alexander Iaccarino has taken pretty much everything I loved about the series and grouped it all together in this absolutely stunning print.  Between Lilith, the mass produced Eva's and Berserk Unit 01, its pretty much taken me back to being that teenager again watching these insane and lovely Japanese cartoons.  Iaccarino is quickly making a name for himself (he recently did a very sold out run of Cowboy Bebop prints that were amazing) and I look forward to seeing what he does next.  Personally, I'm hoping for something inspired by Fist of the North Star.

Anville - Harbinger of Death

Cain robot from Robocop 2 is one of my favorite robot designs ever.  There's just something so cool about it.  Plus it felt very much like an evolution in terms of design from the ED-209 which had a much stockier and heavy look to it.  This robot felt like an evil Robocop on steroids, or in this case, Nuke.  So when I came across this print I knew I needed it hanging on my walls.  Anville deals primarily in darker colors with lots of metal and chrome for his work.  However, he uses little touches of color such as the yellow caution stripes here to give the image some pop.  What really brings it all together for me is how he used stippling (lots of tiny dots) to create the shadows.  It gives the image a heavy quality which I really like.

Well, there you have it.  I think I might focus on some of my video game and random prints I have next.  I hope you enjoyed looking at some prints with me and if you are interested in checking out some galleries and art, might I recommend you check out these places:

Nakatomi, Inc.

Gallery 1988



Guzu Gallery

Bottleneck Gallery

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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