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10 things wrong about the Wii U (and 10 ways Nintendo can fix them)

Well. Well well well well well. WELL. Time to write my first C-Blog. Now, this is the story all about how Nintendo's home console life got flip-turned upside down. Now - I wanna take a minute, and sit right there. I'll show you how they became successful and then unsuccessful in around 7 years. Short version - Nintendo launched Wii in 2006, was successful for a few years, popularity declined, then they launched Wii U, was successful for a while, then declined rapidly. Wii U isn't looking so hot right now. And that's where we stand today.�

Also, MS paint skills?

How Nintendo can fix it - Too late to change the name.�
They need to do the other 9 steps to make the Wii U sell.�

Overall, I have faith in the Wii U. But it has issues - big issues that Nintendo needs to work out. Their time is running out - the PS4 and the Xbox One were released this month to good reviews and even better sales. Nintendo needs to turn this ship around, because as much as I love Nintendo, the Wii U might crash and sink like the Titanic. I honestly don't want that to happen. Nintendo - do it for me - do it for your FANS.
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