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Review: XCOM: Enemy Within


This expansion forced me to face my own "enemy within" complacency. With all the time I put into Enemy Unknown I got so familiar, so lazy. Depending on my slow methodical approach to keep me safe, relying on my rockstar Snipers to effortlessly dispatch the Aliens from half a map away. Enemy Within punished those sins. Surrounded on all sides, fighting a pack of Mutons in the parking lot, fending off a Seeker trying to choke a Support trooper who fell a little too far behind in the convenience store, and trying to decide between rescuing him or making a mad dash for that Meld canister on it's last turn before self-destruction I felt the old terror again, the dread and stress that pervaded my first playthrough of Enemy Unknown.

And I couldn't be happier to be playing XCOM again.
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