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Most of the stuff I played in 2013 and what I think about it

As another year nears its end the gaming media has to scratch its head over what games should get what awards. Rather than just provide a top 10 list of the best games of the year, I�m going to go a step further and mention as many games as I can remember playing. To accompany each game listed is a varied length of words of what I think of it.

Played on console (PS3):-

Anarchy reigns
Finished: Yes
It probably faded from everyone�s minds by the end of January. This game is obviously made with the multiplayer in mind since most of the single player content seems exactly the same, not a problem though since the game is a chaotic blast to play online or off. Additionally I can only think of one other brawler with multiplayer I played this year. My time with anarchy reigns ended when I reached rank 50 online, plus the great music gets kind of stale ones you have heard each track 10 times.
Opinion: It�s different and I like it, could�ve done with some post launch support though.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Finished: Yes
Spell check does not recognize the word revengeance, But I recognize how awesome this game is. I recall people not being too happy about the games length; it lasted longer for me though since I played it on hard the first go.
Opinion: Yet another fun game from the same developers of anarchy reigns , another great soundtrack.

Army of two: Devils cartel
Finished: Yes
This game was pretty much buried by EA, I think I�ll remember how hard EA killed this franchise more than I actually remember playing the game. This is the only frostbite game I know of to have both dismemberment and splitscreen co-op, everything else is nothing new. Shout out to Wormio for being player 2.
Opinion: The overkill mechanic used in combination with an automatic shotgun is beyond awesome, the game however is lacking in content especially if the price is 60 bucks.

Ninja gaiden 3: Razors edge
Finished: Yes
A re-release of a re-release to some ninja gaiden 3 is beyond repair, I on the other hand could wait to play razors edge. This feels more like a combination of ninja gaiden 1 and 2 assets to me , that�s not a bad thing. Plus I like the story that shows Ryu Hayabusa�s struggle to not die , multiplayer is nice to have but it was dead in a few months , didn�t have that many maps , and those who still play just spam cheap attacks.
Opinion: I did enjoy most of ninja gaiden 3 RE , but the fact that they dlc�d the hell out of the original ninja gaiden 3 and then re-released it 2 times just feels wrong to me. Though this isn�t that first time they did that.

Deadly premonition: Directors Cut
Finished: Yes
Ever since this games original release on the Xbox 360 I have waited for a ps3 version, 3 years later and I got my wish. It defiantly lives up to the so bad its good buzz. I would�ve ultimately been disappointed with deadly premonition if not for its heartwarming ending.
Opinion: This game isn�t too bad, right Zach?

Finished: Yes
This could�ve been so much more , I didn�t mind the art style change but the final game much like Army of two devils cartel was just lacking in content. Echelon mode and and co-op(thank you Wormio) add a lot to this game but it is still not enough.
Opinion: This game had potential but EA doesn�t give a shit this year.

The Last of Us
Finished: Hell Yes
A strange lack of zombies in the zombie apocalypse , but they more than make up for it with an interesting story. Not to mention a nice amount of blood chilling violence.
Opinion: Most likely the best PS3 exclusive this year, fake Ellen Page 4 lyfe.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Finished: Mostly (just the co-op missions to go)
Current multiplayer level: 30-something
This game rights a lot of wrongs from splinter cell conviction; it has defiantly brought the franchise back on track. It feels as if the games content can be completed fast despite that there is a lot of content available, each mode seems to be dragged down by the obviously rushed development. It is still nice to have a reminder of what Splinter Cell used to be, an overall good game if you ask me.
Opinion: You can�t stop the blacklist.

Grand Theft Auto V
Finished: Just the story missions
You probably already bought this game, do I care? NO. That said GTA V seems to have had so much effort put into making a believable world , I think that making that world fun to explore was an afterthought.
Opinion: Does it even matter?

Battlefield 4
Finished: Yes
Current multiplayer level: 20-soemthing
Took less time to make than battlefield 3 that�s for sure , the single player is buggy from start to finish(across current gen consoles and pc , I dunno about next gen consoles). The multiplayer on the other hand does feel like an improvement to me. The weapon handling, movement �, and map layouts all feel better.
Opinion: If you are planning on buying this, don�t buy it for the single player.

Call of duty: Ghosts
Finished: Yes
Current multiplayer level: 20-something
SAME GAME , SAME PROBLEMS(on whatever platform you choose to play it on). That doesn�t bother me , what bothers me is the developers not fixing the problems after so many iterations in the franchise or lying about fixing the problems with the franchise.
Opinion: Woof .

Played on PC:-

DmC : Devil may cry
Finished: Yes
The strongest example of why you shouldn�t piss off your fan base. Everything about this game feels off to me, everything but the gameplay. I�d say at a lower price no matter how much you hate the new version of Dante , the hack and slash action should hold you over until the end.
Opinion: Fuck you.
DLC: -

Vergil�s Downfall
I have no idea what this is about, you play as Vergil in a few levels(who handles totally different from Dante with less weapons). But yeah no idea when it comes to the actual events something about a heart and Vergil�s mom.

Aliens : Colonial marines
Finished: Twice (ugh)
More than likely to be on peoples �worst of 2013� lists , this game has too much wrong with it. The one positive is the multiplayer(whether co-op or competitive) can actually be quite fun , assuming you can get the online to work.
Opinion: Stop quoting Aliens for fucks sake.

Bioshock: Infinite
Finished: Yes
I just wanted Bioshock 1 but in the sky , the changes to the gameplay mechanics were really unnecessary. As far as the story goes I didn�t like it nor do I care what it means.
Opinion: Your gonna play it anyway.

Tomb raider (2013)
Finished: Yes
More like Juno raider, in all seriousness though I like this game. Despite the difficulty in believing a woman of Lara�s size can kill as many full grown men as she did , I did enjoy the combat a whole lot. It is too bad that Lara�s early days focused more on filling tombs rather than raiding them. The addition of multiplayer was unwanted and unnecessary.
Opinion: You�ll want to protect her.

Sniper: Ghost warrior 2
Finished: No
I got tired of the single player campaign, it was a missed opportunity to improve on the mechanics of the first games campaign (which I did finish) . The multiplayer on the other hand has the downtown map which is great sniping fun. I spent about 7 hours in that before uninstalling the game.
Opinion: You don�t really wanna know.

Dishonored DLC
Dunwall city trials: Great fun , great price. I wish all of Dishonored was one big varied collection of kill puzzles just like the city trials , Although I don�t think many will agree with me.

Knife of Dunwall: Not worth it, the story is so brief (and is spoiled in the steam store page for the brigmore witches dlc) and only serves as a cliff hanger to get you to buy the next DLC. One advantage of owning this is that your acquired upgrades and chaos level carry over to the next dlc.

The Brigmore Witches: Picks up where the previous DLC left off , and chronicles Daud�s journey to the island of lesbian Poison Ivy clones. This is a vast improvement over the previous DLC and has interesting scenarios and characters , it�s a great good bye as the final piece of dishonored DLC.

Dead island: Riptide
Finished: Please just kill me�.YES
I have no idea why this was even released as a standalone game, it could have just been DLC for the first dead island game. Instead you get a game that has been padded like crazy , and heavily advertised for the boats which are abandoned a few hours into the game so what was the point on that one?. Everything about this game is overused just too many long distance hikes , zombies that take too many hits to die , too many fetch quests , and too many kill X number of zombies quest. Your brain will become so goddamn numb you will become one of the zombies you�ve been killing. The sad part is riptide is not really a bad game per say , it becomes bad when you realize that it�s pretty much like the first game but made worse. By removing features that introduced some variety to the first dead island , amplifying the tedium , having a lousy story , and horrible confusing map design it just all works together to insure all the time you spend with this game is going to be regretted.
Opinion: Buy the Dead island 1 Game of the year edition when it�s on sale , and to the critics who said the first dead island should�ve been like riptide YOUR FUCKING WRONG!.

The testament of Sherlock Holmes
Finished: Yes
Steam sales are a funny thing. This is the only Sherlock Holmes related game I can recall finishing , It runs kinda janky but that�s ok.
Opinion: if you are not planning on playing this game at all , at least watch the credits sequence on Youtube , it is amazing.

Metro : Last light
Finished: Yes
A very pretty game that oozes with atmosphere , but there is something missing here that was present in Metro 2033 I really can�t put my finger on it. I think improving the mechanics has made the game a bit too easy , that said its still is reasonably priced (including the season pass).
Opinion: Pay what you think is right , still worth your time.

Resident evil: Revelations
Finished: Yes
This was a game many regarded to be the true resident evil 6 , I was very glad to be able to play it without having to buy a Nintendo 3DS. That said I kind of prefer the actual Resident evil 6 more , Revelations is good but it�s a game meant for handheld porting it over means it has to follow additional standards. Still an alright game but not as good as I expected , stop making me scan stuff.
Opinion: Tight scuba suit and tentacle fetishes.

Call of Juarez : Gunslinger
Finished: Yes
Back in 2012 it feels as if Call of Juarez : The cartel suffered a lot because the developers were working on dead island 1 at the same time , this time its vice versa. Dead island riptide was a horrible game so that CoJ: Gunslinger could be great , easily one of the best games I�ve played this year with 3 modes that are all fun to play.
Opinion: Great arcade fun taking the Call of Juarez franchise back to the wild west at a low price.

Mars : War logs
Finished: Yes
I am going to throw sand in your eyes and bash your skull in with a copper tube , now I�m going to do that again about a thousand times. I am more impressed with this game�s engine rather than the actual game , perhaps one day they could make another vampire the masquerade game and use the full potential of this engine. Mars just does what it does nothing less , nothing more.
Opinion: Don�t go to mars.

Rise of the triad (2013)
Finished: Yes
Proof that classic FPS can still exist , this is a great reboot of an old classic. The initial release meant putting up with bugs , by now the game should be patched up and with time it should be cheaper.
Opinion: Ludicrous fun.

Payday 2
Current criminal level: 30-something
I�m just going to say I like the first payday more , heists just don�t seem to last in payday 2. Also the equipment and leveling system is a bit of a hassle if you ask me , that said there is still a lot of fun to be had here. The game has changed a whole lot since I last played it , but free DLC gives me a good reason to go back. This game will be on sale , when it is you should probably buy it if you really liked the first one.
Opinion: The drill is jammed, go fix it.

Call of Duty: World at war
Finished: Multiple times (Single �player on Veteran and co-op on Normal)

A special thank you to StarWars7 for recording and uploading this clip.
Opinion: This game has aged very well, it is still the most complete cod game to date(Single player , co-op , zombies , and multiplayer). Also helps that all DLC is free on the PC version.

Shadow Warrior (2013)
Finished: Oh god yes!
Most likely my personal game of the year , the reboot and new take on shadow warrior is absolutely amazing. The interfaces , the hud , weapon models , enemies , and levels all ooze with style. The even bigger surprise is the story being surprisingly mature and intriguing. More classic FPS goodness accompanied by a great soundtrack.
Opinion: You got the touch, you got the power
When all hell's breakin' loose
You'll be riding the eye of the storm.

Alien Rage: Unlimited
Finished: Yes
This is bodycount in space , with aliens instead of hired goons. Easily City Interactive�s best game this year , But I don�t think you give a shit.
Opinion: How the hell did you get Brian Bloom to voice the main character?

Saints Row 4
Finished: Pending (currently mid-co-op playthrough)
A special thanks to co-optimus for giving me a free copy of this game, Otherwise I would have not played it. To me this game at first seemed to be just a rehash of saints row 3 , its not and there is enough here that is different (at least from what I�ve played so far). Unfortunately the game seems to be buggier than saints row 3.
Opinion: I LIKE THIS MORE THAN GTA V, Buy when cheaper and play in co-op.

Finished: Yes
A rough around the edges experience that is more fun to play than it is to watch (Since the gameplay video make it look bad). This is a lot better if you are into the comics really. The keyboard and mouse configuration is absolutely horrible.
Opinion: Recommended for Deadpool fans at a cheaper price.

Batman : Arkham origins
Finished: Yes
This really feels more like a combination of Arkham asylum and Arkham city, an early look at Batman�s career that not everyone may not need but they deserve. What impresses me is the amount of non-batman characters that you can play is in this batman game(About 4) , not to mention the mode variety. Though the game is slightly held back by an over use of cutscenes to explain how Batman gets from point A to point B , Along with some technical blemishes because this was obviously rushed. If you disagree with what I just said , we can at least agree that Troy Baker�s performance as the joker can only be described as magical.
Opinion: It�s simple we uh buy the batman. Also give the online a chance, splash damage are misunderstood artists if you ask me.

Finished: Yes
A better alternative to Amnesia: A machine for pigs , still suffers from being too linear. But overall I think this is currently the best looking game in the walk in a straight line until spooky stuff happens genre.
Opinion: Batteries running low , better switch them.

There you have it , a whole bunch of opinions you didn�t ask for just like some sequels this year. That said I think the games this year were better than last year , and now with the next generation systems coming out perhaps this means a new chapter for the industry or just more of the goddamn same old same old. I am already looking forward to some titles next year and I�d like to see more improvement, one thing that won�t be improving any time soon is my typing that�s for sure. If you read this far I hope my mostly brief summaries help your purchasing decisions , if not than thanks for your time.
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