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The Calm Before the One Storm


It's happening.� My pre-orders are done.� I'll have a shiny new console to play with and three games.� My new Xbox Live account is made, and ready to go (long story about why I decided to make a new one that I won't go into here).� As the gif so eloquently illustrates.� I am ready.

But, I still haven't decided about going to the midnight launch at the GameStop where I've pre-ordered.� True, it will be a fairly painless affair and I wouldn't be going to sit there all day.� I'm debating on going around 7 or 8pm if I go at all.� My problem?� I won't even play the thing when I get home because it'll be too late to get into it and I like to sleep.� It's a downfall of getting a bit older I'm afraid.� Plus, upon seeing the initial setup, I won't be able to do it since people will be sleeping and the noise will wake them up.� So, basically, if I go to the midnight launch then I'll be getting home and letting it sit until the next morning anyway.� My sensible side says "wait until Friday morning, GameStop is opening early anyway" but my excited gamer side is saying "Give it to us!� The precious!".� It's quite the mental�stymie.

I suppose it may be a good idea to outline now how I will cover Xbox One and PS4 (when I get one) games.� I enjoy doing write-ups and critiquing titles for fun so you can expect me to do so here.� So these are the things you should know when reading a "review" by me:

1. I'm just like you, dear reader.� I'm not "in the business" so I don't get games any earlier than the average joe.� That said, I'm also by no means wealthy.� I rent far more than I buy.

2. I give it a fair go.� If I want to critique a title, I play it for a least a week.� I play it a lot.� I will probably finish it but if I don't, then rest assured that I've tried my best to do so and I'm more than familiar with it to give you my impressions.

3. I don't spoil.� I will always do my best to avoid spoilers.� If it can't be avoided than you will be warned.

4. Scores are a bore.� I realize that most people just skip to the end for that numerical value that someone else has placed on something you might think looks like fun.� I don't do that.� I will tell you what I liked and what I didn't during the article itself.� By the end, I will inform you if I think the title is a buy, rent, or pass and why I think that.

5. Video reviews are the future.� This is something I am struggling with.� I'm not a charismatic person.� Online interactions for me are no problem but facing a camera and talking about what I think is much more difficult for me.� I've always expressed my thoughts much better in writing.� I realize that the ability to do video reviews with these new consoles is an amazing tool.� If I should decide to try my hand, know that it will probably suck.� If it sucks so much that I feel like a total jackass than you'll all be back to reading.� I don't care if you don't like it.� If it stops becoming fun for me, than it isn't going to be fun for you either.

So, that's what you should know.� Don't you feel closer to me now?� I do hope you'll stick around, read what I write, and enjoy it.� You don't have to agree with me, I respect that.� Let's do this.

Edit: For those of you getting a Xbox One, there's a great list of voice commands in pdf format to be found on this reddit thread.
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