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Great Isn't Good Enough


I don�t want those experiences, though. I want something I can immerse myself in, even if it�s only for a little while. I want difficulty curves that make me feel good when I overcome them; I want stories that touch on humanity, and I want experiences that teach or show me something new about the world. I play games to escape and go on adventures, to feel things I�ve never felt before, and not just because I need to kill a few minutes while I�m trapped in the bathroom. There�s nothing wrong with those kinds of games, but they�re not what I�m looking for.

Even if they were, even they are feeling the crunch. Again, how many games released on the iOS store actually show something even close to success? How many games show any kind of success at all these days? It�s not because everything is terrible like it was before the Atari crash (Although you�re screwed if you do release a bad game in this market. It�s not big on second chances these days), but rather a market where there is just so much good stuff every single day that there isn�t enough time to play it all.

But as I said, this will resolve itself. How many people are willing to stick with this industry given its current state? How many of the big boys can even afford to anymore? When companies like Capcom are so out-of-touch with the modern market, releasing heaps of junk, how can they even hope to continue when good games can�t even hold my attention? When the game you slave away on for months releases to rave reviews but no sales due to scams, piracy, or customer indifference, how long before you give up and walk away? How many great minds will leave this industry just because there�s no room left?

It�s not all as bad as I feel. My attention isn�t the only way to grade how the industry is doing, but I do feel that this is an existing problem, albeit one that there might not be much anyone can do anything about. This is just one of those things that will sort itself out, although a lot of talented people might end up falling by the wayside before it�s done. I feel that it�s a shame that many great developers don�t get the attention they deserve when I want to give it to them, and that people I want to supportgo without it.

I�m sorry, guys and gals. I wish I could play everything, but I�m just one man.
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