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The best 8 games of the last 8 years: Number 8

(Read the intro here if you have no idea what this is about)

Peaceful days are over...

Let's Survive.

Title: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
Publisher: Atlus
Developper: Atlus
Platform: DS
NA release date:March 23rd 2010

Man, I love this game, but seriously, FUCK THIS GAME!!!
Remember the complaints about difficulty I mentioned for Devil Survivor? Multiply it by ten. How appropriate that this game is set in a twisted, demonic monument to all of mankind's sins, because getting through this will be your personal hell. Don't believe me? Think you're tough shit? Play this for a while and come talk to me when Ouroboros breaks you in half like the pathetic little twig you are!

If you can get past the insane difficulty, you'll get to enjoy a fine example of pure, unadulterated dungeon crawling. This game has amazing level designs. You will not believe the kind of fucked up mazes Atlus has cooked up for you. Also, while not as crazy as other Atlus games, the story will still take you through a, well, a Strange Journey. Seriously, telling you more would be spoiling the fun. If you like dungeon crawlers and think you're tough enough,� then suit up, and welcome to the crew of the Red Sprite!

That's all for today, peeps. Stay tuned, though! Number 7 is just around the corner.
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