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Xbox One - Launch Games Review Predictions

It's happening.� The X1 is less than a week from hitting the shelves and gracing our homes.� Starting Monday the first reviews will trickle in from all the major websites for a handful of games with more being released as the week progresses.� I thought this to be a prime chance to give my opinion on how well (or poorly) the "big four" will do.

Forza 5

Forza 5 will bring in reviews in the 8-9 range.� Anything less and I would be completely surprised judging by everything we know about it so far.� Tried and true, if you're a car guy or gal than Forza is the launch title for you.� It may also be the best scoring launch title the X1 has to offer.

Dead Rising 3

Earlier last week, Digital Foundry put out this article stating that DR3 has serious frame-rate issues.� But, this has now been widely ignored due to a couple of factors.� A) They never once say their tests were done on a release build of the game.� They state "the build we saw".� B) Recent videos from websites like IGN show DR3 running without any issues even in online multiplayer.� Of course, all of this is just hearsay until official reviews come out and we have the chance to play it for ourselves.� I'm predicting 7-8s for DR3, assuming it runs as planned.

Killer Instinct

The new KI is going to be something of a wild card.� From looking at it, it appears to be a very well done fighter and the dojo mode looks incredibly in depth.� Probably the most detailed tutorial in a fighter that I've ever seen.� If the gameplay holds up, KI should enjoy scores in the 7-8 range.


The most unknown of all the X1 has to offer on launch day and the one that I think everyone is on the fence about.� I'm not even going to try to predict the score on Ryse.� It's far too up in the air.� I went ahead and pre-ordered it, I'm expecting a decent amount of fun with a relatively short single player game that is basically a fantastic looking tech demo.� That's how I'm going to treat it and if it turns out to be a great game, I'll be very happily surprised.� I expect "meh", except for the visuals.� Notice his facial expression in the gif?� If nothing else, Ryse is incredibly slick on the visual side.

What are your predictions on these and the other X1 games?

While I truly do feel very bad for all the PS4 owners that are having hardware troubles, I couldn't help but laugh at this.� Seriously though, when I get a PS4 I really hope it doesn't do this.� Hell, I'm praying to the gaming gods every night that the X1 doesn't have any trouble.
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