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The definitive version of Call of Duty Ghosts does not yet exist

The next generation is just around the corner, its times like this when the internet goes slightly wild with news related to the upcoming gaming consoles. In this case those consoles just happen to be the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. There are some people who can afford to own both and there are some people who can only afford one of them , for those who only have a choice of one the pros and cons of each gaming system seem to sway their purchasing decision back and forth. By now there is probably a whole list of items that one needs to take into consideration, but the main focus here is the ruckus that�s stirred up over which system will have the better version of the latest Call Of Duty. What follows is why I think no system will have the better version.

From Black Ops 2 people had more than enough with the call of duty franchise, so you can imagine how sick and tired people were with announcement of call of duty ghosts at the time. This was supposed to be a new chapter for the franchise, but that hope was shattered when they had announced it is just running on an updated engine and not a new one. The skepticism and hatred once again began to snowball leading up to the launch of Ghosts, and once again it was justified and once again nobody really cared. However this is a special occasion because COD Ghosts launches during the transitional period between generations. Somehow the franchise that is often mocked for its dated engine and graphics is now being compared on both systems for its framerate and resolution.

The slightest peep of Ghosts running on one system better than the other seems to generate pointless debates on what system is better(mainly in Youtube comments from what I�ve seen) ,but not many people seem to bring up how the game doesn�t improve on much previous iterations in the franchise. And this is by no means the first time this has happened, if you look back to Black ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3 you should be able to see the setbacks. For example removing custom emblems, bringing back quick scoping, party modes such as gungame being on regular sized maps instead of smaller maps, the return of unbalanced killstreak rewards, and even the freaking main menu in MW3 was a step back.
Call of Duty Ghosts represents yet another setback for the franchise in terms of yet again removing custom emblems, quick scoping still present despite the promise of its removal, less players, less choice in the single player campaign, less multiplayer modes, not to mention the blatant reuse of Modern Warfare 2 assets etc� Yet the game is still an argument point for some people on what makes the PS4 or Xbox One better because it has the slightly better looking version. The resolution and framerate just don�t seem like something that will matter when your being cheated out of your kills or spawned right in front of enemies despite the map being bigger with tons more safe points the game could spawn you at.

If you read this far you probably may get the impression that I don�t particularly like the Call of Duty franchise, on the contrary I have bought and played all of them from Modern Warfare 1 All the way to Ghosts with varying degrees of regret. But if you don�t see it by now my point here is to try to show you that it arguing over a games resolution or framerate on a console over another doesn�t matter if that game isn�t really worth arguing over. Especially if you don�t really spend time with Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer and give up early due to frustration then what will it matter? �, that is not to say it is entirely pointless to ague since these systems cost 400-500 dollars at launch, thus people expect to get their money�s worth. This I can entirely understand, But there are other more important factors you can base your purchasing decision on(look them up I�m sure you�ll find something).

This doesn�t only apply to Call of Duty Ghosts really , Battlefield 4�s single player campaign is often used in graphical comparisons but they don�t mention how the campaigns storyline is convoluted , or the campaigns overabundance of scripted sequences, or how it ends abruptly. The jump to the next generation shouldn�t just be about how good things look(you would think people would�ve learnt this from the Nintendo Wii�s success) games should play better as well as look and sound better. This is why I feel as if no system will have the better version of Call of Duty ghosts because all versions will have the same predictable(sometimes fun) but ultimately by the numbers campaign, and if the multiplayer still has the same issues what will all the arguing over which version looks better matter?

In the end if you want to buy Call of Duty Ghosts or the next Call of Duty(already announced for 2014) �go right on ahead, I�m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn�t buy who the hell am I to do that?. I�m simply saying which version looks better will not matter if the game still has the same ideas, and features keep being introduced and then taken away(such as the pick 10 system or custom emblems) these features should stack from release to release. Graphics are still a factor especially if the franchise is known for good graphics, but even the best looking game is hard to enjoy if it is plagued by the same old issues, and the gameplay is just stale. I really wish I could�ve said that in less words( and better writing), if you read the whole thing thank you for your time and if I aggravated anyone with this I sincerely apologize.
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