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Grethiwords: Wonderful Backlog Onion

Since blogging on Destructoid, I haven’t done as many stupid ‘update on what games I’ve been playing/thinking about/excited for recently’-type blogs as I used to. I guess I feel like there’s more pressure here to better develop my ideas into something more fully-formed – something with a point – lest I appear in the recaps under “could be better” and feel bad for pushing more worthy blog posts off the first page.
But then there are times when I’m inspired to think about videogames enough that I just want to unite morph my random unconnected thoughts into a giant fist and punch my blog with demented prattle. And anyway, random blogs ‘because videogames’ are in fashion now, so let me be!
Anyway, I declare this a new segment on my blog (meaning I might do another one ever): Grethiwords! I write the words about the videogames! Because I’ve been thinking about the videogames! Videogames!

And now for something completely different. I did a blog about Love-de-Lic recently, which I’m actually kind of proud of, although it’s secretly just a romantic love letter to game director Yoshiro Kimura. There’s a scene in his game Chulip where the boy writes his first love letter, and that scene makes me so happy I want to cry.
Anyway, I didn’t know what he was up to now when I wrote that blog, but I just found out, from Podtoid of all places. He’s started an indie company called Onion Games and, as discussed on Podtoid, he has a twitter account in which he writes from the perspective of a sentient onion. It is amazing. But even more amazing to me is his blog/website, started mid-September. He writes diary updates like this one, and somehow, because of the cartoons he draws with it, and because of the way it’s written, in broken English, it somehow captures that mixture of child-like innocence and serious feelings from his games that I always find so beautiful and makes me want to cry so. I love it so much!
He also posts pixel art on the blog. Like this:

Isn’t it the best?! Look at it!! <3

Anyway, I still have no idea what kind of game he’s working on, but according to the blog, “Onion games is making game happily”, and I couldn’t be happier to read that.
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