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The simple elegance of Final Fantasy VI

So playing FFVIII started me on a little Final Fantasy kick, steering me away from my binging on Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Fire Emblem and other games I've played this year. Its actually rather refreshing to go back and see how different things were. I'm not really in it for the nostalgia of it all so much as seeing how much I've grown and also how RPGs have changed for the better (or possibly worse).

I'm about only eleven hours in, just past the part where Relm shows Interceptor to be a bit more gentle and playful than Shadow said he was. Now we're off tracking the Espers, seeing the larger mythos of the world and even as the plot deepens the game keeps most of its elements quite simple. The story isn't convoluted or self-important, the scenarios are perfectly suited for the characters thrown into them and the slightest gesture or animation is enough to support the feelings of the characters.

Its kind of easy to see why a game like Final Fantasy XIII failed to have the spark this game did - even when it assembles the central cast of characters like FFVI does and splits them up apart early on.

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