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A Brief Introduction (now with a bonus scolding!)

Allow me to introduce myself, even though you may care less.� My name is Dallas, I've been a gamer for some 33 years now (this will be important later).� I have been around Dtoid now for a number of years, in one form or another (again, important).� I'm a caregiver to a disabled spouse, full time, and as such I have quite a lot of time to game.� I have chronic depression and anxiety myself and have been so since childhood.� Gaming is my escape and one of my few enjoyments.� Now, that being said, on to the scolding.� Believe me, it hurts me more than you.

As I said earlier, I've been around here for a long time.� Years, actually.� But, I've noticed a rather shameful trend as of late with the community.� At one point, I considered the Dtoid community to be the very best.� A bunch of great folks, great gamers.� Now?� Every time I see a Xbox One article, it would seem that the community has degraded into a bunch of whiny little shits.� It saddens me greatly.

Let me be clear here.� When Microsoft tried to ass rape all of us during their X1 debut, I grabbed my pitchfork with the rest of you.� I was hurt.� I was outraged.� Not because I'm some die-hard Xbox fan but because I'm a gamer and a consumer.� I'm also not an idiot.� I wasn't drinking Microsoft's cool-aid.� But, they reversed their policies.� While I won't soon forget what they tried to do, I also knew that it was OK to buy a Xbox One now.� Would I have bought one if they had not reversed?� Hell no.� I would have thrown the damned thing away if Major Nelson himself had handed me one for free.

That brings me to this.� Why should I consider Sony any differently?� Because they were smart enough to not say a word about their policies until after Microsoft?� Because they were clever enough to do the opposite?� It seems as though people have forgotten, Sony is a huge company.� A company that cares nothing about YOU.� They care about your money.� You can bet your most prized possession that they had a similar policy as Microsoft's original Xbox One policy sitting there, ready to go.� The only difference is, they waited to see what the gaming community would do.� Smart business but it doesn't mean they're the second coming of Gaming Jesus.

Do you want to know why I'm getting a Xbox One on launch day?� Because I couldn't get the money together in time to get a PS4 before they were sold out.� Indeed, I wouldn't be getting a X1 on launch day if GameStop didn't receive additional units at the last minute.� I will be buying a PS4 within the next year to sit along side my Xbox One.� Know why?� Because I love gaming.� I could care less if a great game is on one system or another.� I just want to play.

So, in short, stop fucking bitching about the Xbox One.� Get whatever console, or consoles you want and enjoy the hell out of them for the next five or six years.� Stop with the pretentious attitude that Sony gives a damn and remember that they're in it to make money.� Just like Microsoft.� They aren't your friends, you're just a sales number.

PS. While we're at it, let the whole 720p vs 1080p thing go people.� It's the launch of a new console.� Do I really need to remind everyone how much games improve on a system the longer developers have to work with it?� Is that something that needs to be said after all these years?

I love you guys, but seriously, you're starting to piss me off.
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