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My 7th Gen: Games of the Nintendo Wii


I remember the fight for Nintendo to localise three awesome looking JRPGS: The Last Story, Pandora�s Tower and Xenoblade Chronicles. I remember wandering around on the surface of a titan and seeing the glowing eyes of another in the unreachable horizon. I remember how surprised i was that Tatsunoko Vs Capcom would be released to the west and that I would kick some ass with Tekkaman. I remember the backlash of Metroid Other M and thinking that the game was still pretty good, the unfulfilled promise of a Metroid Dread which still saddens me to this day and the majestic Metroid Prime Trilogy being released in a single disc.

From the slow strategic battles of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn to the frantic Hack and Slash of Muramasa the Demon Blade. From the inside of the ring in Punchout! to the beautiful wide expanse of the world of Xenoblade Chronicles. From the down to earth realism of Deadly Creatures to the utter absurdity of No More Heroes. From one game world to the next, the Wii gave me so much to experience, explore and first and foremost enjoy. There is a lot that I will remember and take away from the life of the Wii and indeed the generation as a whole. However, the one thing that I will never forget, the ONE most important moment that perfectly encapsulates EVERYTHING about my thoughts on the Wii�s library of games is right here:

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