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Masters of Fear: Clock Tower - The First Fear


Even if you are getting bored, you can occupy your mind by wondering what sort of ending you�re going to get based on what you�ve done. There is a very specific way to get each ending in the game, but it all plays out very organically. It�s all dictated by what happens to you. So if you see one character die during a certain part or in a specific way, that will change the way the game plays out a bit. If you pick up a certain item, something else will change on the course to your ending. If you just tackle the game in different ways, new endings will appear. You can even say screw it, run to the garage, hop in the car, and take off, if you like. The game just constructs an ending based on what you�ve done, so it�s hard not to stay invested in the game, even when it�s moving slow. After all, that one thing you did differently could give you a brand new ending once the game's over.

The game�s creepy vibe and unsettling story keep bringing me back for more. With new things popping up every time I play it, and seven endings to earn based on the slightest changed in how you play it, Clock Tower easily overcomes its flawed speed. The game is meant to be enjoyed at a slower pace, savored each time you try it, but if you�re not in the mood for atmospheric horror, it�s going to annoy you. If you really feel like soaking in a creepy atmosphere where you�re in constant danger, go find a copy and give it a try. After all, there is a pretty good English patch for the game floating around out there.

PS � Don�t watch the video if you don�t want Scissorman�s most likely first appearance spoiled for you.

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