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Barenaked Ladies "Odds Are": Johnel Gushes About Stuff He Likes


So the Barenaked Ladies have a new music video and it is coming to us through Rooster Teeth. Now I could try and do a long form analysis of this song and meaning but instead I'm going to talk about my love of BNL and the connection to my childhood in my new segment Johnel Gushes About Stuff He Likes (JGASHL).
You see I first discovered BNL the same way many my age did...


Seriously at this rate I think I might try and play a personal six degrees with this franchise.

Now I'll admit this dub had a tendency to just shove popular songs into the movie at times and it is a little weird to see. I mean at least it was good stuff like this and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Actually come to think off the only bad song in the film was made for it last I checked.... which I'll be an angel of mercy and not link in this video.

So unlike most that probably forgot about it until going to college getting all nostalgic and looking it up on youtube someday I had my Dad.

Now my Dad introduced me to things like Dr. Demento and Weird Al in the past. In fact those who remember my Christmas songs list should remember that the Pok�mon song in that is actually from a CD my Dad owned. So anyways when I expressed interest in the band he gave me to borrow both his copies of their albums Gordon and Stunt, both now burned to�my hard drive for safe keeping, and a love affair was born.

I'm not really going to get into the history of the band or anything for I can either a. talk about that later or b. I might be writing something about them for another day. So instead I'll leave off with my opinions on this new song.

The result is I really like it. Now maybe after more listens it might change but right now it really has that feeling I like from them. Goofy but you can feel the meaning behind it. The video is also really funny pulling a great constant gag at juxtaposition that really ups the crazy to levels unseen in this type of joke before I think. Though a couple of zombie shots looked like stock footage from one of Rooster Teeth's other shows but it could just look similar and if so I don't really mind.

So yeah that is it. Listen to the song above about five times and then look more of their stuff up. I'd suggest Maroon as a good starting album if you don't go with Gordon or Stunt.
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