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A goodbye of sorts


It�s hard writing that but, well, it�s not true! I�ll still be around! You�ve probably noticed I�ve neglected this silly ol� bloggins for a good while (bloody �ell Nathan) and that�s �cos a lot of stuff has been happen hapsin in my lyf and all that, know what I mean. Basically, lyk, it�s over. I�m giving up. See you all never! I�m free!

In reality I�ll never be free from video-games. In reality I probably owe the next 3 years of my life to the fact that I�ve been writing for five years one month and a day. I probably owe a lot to it, and to you too. Quite blatantly I�ve never been on time with anything I�ve ever written.

I�m sorry for it and I�m more sorry I�m leaving.

The series I started a few years ago, Up, Down, Left, Right� is now done. Finished. PDF here. Done. Finished�

I think it says all I need to say. I�m semi-retiring from video-game journalism for a few years. Except I kinda lied in that, well, my last piece won�t be that bloody book. It�ll be something on GTA V written for another website that wants me to run a few articles now and then.

While I�m here I should mention I�ll still be on Twitter and Flixist! I�m even doing a BLOODY FILM COLUMN for Flixist which is pretty totez cool.

TEARS IN RAIN 2 will be happening at some point. I am doing NaNoWriMo this year. I�ll have a few novels coming out in a little while.

But I�m going now. In like six hours I gotta wake up and go off to drive to Cambridge university. Maybe I�ll carry on blogging regularly, maybe I won�t. If I do, however, it shan�t �be on silly video-games.

I�ll see you all very soon.

Flixist author page:�http://www.flixist.com/author.phtml?name=Nathan%20Hardisty&a=167493

Column:�[url=http://www.flixist.com/tag.phtml?t=NRH Weekly Analysis]http://www.flixist.com/tag.phtml?t=NRH%20Weekly%20Analysis[/url]

Twitter: Nathardisty
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