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RWBY Episode 8+9+10 Review: President Taft or Yo-yo Character Growth

So back again into the world of RWBY to review another three episodes in a row.�Now lately I've been getting exposed to more anime and some more current series through an anime� night they do at the local card shop I frequent. This of course has colored my perceptions of a show like this that takes many of the outer designs of the medium into itself. As such this week I'm more positive towards the series but at the same time I'm not elated as I maybe should be. Also this is the ending to one anime I was exposed to called Free.

Just look at. I think this is what yaoi fangirls see every time they close their eyes.

Anyways on with the actual review.

So we end the saga of our characters fighting in the woods with Episode 8. This is actually one of the longest episodes to date primarily because it has a large fight scene with the giant scorpion monster and a giant bird monster.

In fact I think it might be sign that if you see a long episode it is most likely that there is to be a more elaborate fight scene.

Though at the same time I'm a little lost one some of the power these creatures had. For in this episode both the giant bird and scorpion require a full team of four to beat each yet in the last review we saw two giant snakes being killed by Revolver Sloth. So is he just more awesome? Is there a classification system? Are they making it up as they go? Does the difference between mammal, bird, reptile, and insect affect things? Can you cast summon bigger fish in this universe?

This episode also seemed to spell some character development of Ruby and Chazz actually starting to get along.

Beyond that we also learn more about Nora. First I finally figured out what she is. She is Pepper Potts from the Iron Man Armored Adventures TV show. No seriously it seems like they have the same personality. Heck just wait to see if she starts text/contacting in some form everyone constantly. Also her weapon is a grenade launcher that turns into a gravity hammer. I have no complaints for that is a cool weapon.

Anyways at the end we also see were the title comes from. The classes when grouped into teams are named after the combination of their first initials. Though in this the names are actually sounded out meaning RWBY is said as Ruby.

Though there is a brief scene were it implies Mr. Clockwork Orange from the first episode has some sort of evil plan to set into motion. Not that it plays into the next two episodes at all.

First I would like to say that they now have a generic uniform model. I hope this means more modeled extras for the future.

So this first half of The Badge and The Burden involves team RWBY decorating the shared room they are going to have. In what could be the shortest 80's style montage ever. Though that might be because there is only the length of the average 80's montage for the whole episode.

�We only focus on team RWBY for if we focused on team JNPR (Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Lie Ren) we'd have to point out how the facility is possibly damaged for letting�teenagers share a room coed. Honestly I wonder how many coed teams have disbanded in the class due to sudden pregnancy.

Also we get to see that the students�are taught here by President Taft!

Yeah bet you didn't see that bombshell coming did you suckers?! Well ok I think he is supposed to be a reference to Peter and the Wolf by his name of Peter Port but screw that he is President Taft.

Episode ten is easy to sum up.

1. Chazz fights a pig monster and changes into her battle outfit out of nowhere.
2. Chazz and Ruby's relationship has its character development undone over leadership or something.
3. Chazz and Ruby's development is back to status quo in a couple of minutes.

Yeah besides hinting at Oz making some sort of mistakes in the past nothing really feels accomplished in this episode.

So yeah that was RWBY for the past few weeks. I hope no one is disappointed by the new format but if you want me to do weekly one episode reviews with more in depth analysis feel free to mention it in the comments.


Yang= Sir
Ruby: Destroyer of Nature
Weiss Schnee= Chazz�
Glynda Goodwitch: McWitchanimetits
Oz: Wonderful Wizard of Washington
Nora: Hyperactive Ear Lashing Lady / Pepper
Lie Ren: Revolver Sloth
Peter Port: President Taft
Extras: Anti Spiral Clone Army (ASCA)
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