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Is It True, Rockstar?: Will GTAO Require Real-World Money For In-Game Money?

A Reddit post last night confirmed something I had been dreading - Grand Theft Auto Online may involve a bit of pay-to-win. �


This is (reportedly) an XML file taken from the game code itself.

Now, this is worrisome on multiple levels - why on Earth would a game that just finished selling a BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE in a mere seventy-two hours need further monetization? �I don't care about what your server costs are, or the $250M dev budget that went into it, the game has already broken every record in every book that has ever been written, and still, they're planning to milk players by using real money to buy game money? �I was always wondering why money was so goddamn scarce - now we might have found out why, and the reason is more than a little sinister considering what the game has already grossed in profit alone.

Secondarily, better cars, armor, guns, hangouts, they'll all be bought with this in-game currency, which means that the people who can afford to drop more real money into the game will have a distinct and unfair advantage, which will risk leaving people who are actually wanting to play the game outright in the cold against overwhelming opposition or far more powerful teams / elements simply because they could afford it in real life. �This basically breaks the community before it even solidifies.

Also - if you kill a player in GTAO, and they drop money they purchased with real funds, and you collect that money, you're stealing their actual money. That's pretty heavy territory.

I don't know if this is true or not. �I don't know if this is how it will actually work. �But all I can say is this: if it is the case, Rockstar done fucked up. �BAD. �And people need to flip their shit over it if this is true, because they already became the most successful videogame publisher of all time, and those sales are still climbing. �There's no motherfucking reason to do this to customers who shelled out that much money.

You give me a free iOS app, it's fun, you want to drop $5 on it, that's one thing - that's their entire profit margin. �Applying this ethos to games that cost $60 or more, however...that's just fucking deplorable. �I pray to every god in the book that this ain't the case, because this sets a bad example for the rest of the industry. For a game that makes a billion dollars in gross sales in less than half a motherfucking week to sell in-game money piecemeal for real-world cash like a game that cost a hundred-thousandth of the money to develop, that's just flat-out wrong.
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