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Lance's Burning Dawn: Sayo and Savers Three

Ok so going to be an interesting post today but first on with the boss fight.

What is interesting about this fight is that my mascot starter didn't die this time. Which is harder than you think for the AI seems to prioritize killing the member of your team that is weaker by half than the others every time I've played this and Dusk. It doesn't even give enough experience for him to level up so it isn't throwing off the what comes next either. Now Sayo's team is interesting for that while Machgaogomon is a starter in Dusk Lilamon is in none of the starter packs. Same thing in Dusk in which the rival, a male named Koh, has a team with Rizegreymon, yeah it is spelled with a "z" I don't know why, and Angemon. Still�for some it might be�a good idea to go into the menu and alter how your�Digimon are spaced out. For as you can see both you and your opponent have�Digimon on a five square plane. Having them close can have your Digimon give stat buffs to their allies but as seen in the fight it also leaves you open to�multi area attacks.

"Of course that flower hussy was nothing against me!"

"Humble as ever..."

[u]"Seems like you and Sayo will...[/u]

Yeah I kind of hate how the text boxes in this game never will allow for a full thought. Also when I'm underlining text it means I'm trying to fix that issue without taking twice the screen caps.

By the way spoilers but he isn't being honest here.

If you are wondering the one you are from is Sunshine. Also I like how when they salute both Ophanimon and Chaosgallatmon look like they are cracking their skulls with their own shields. Anyways a floating red robe is started and we give chase.

"With how varied we Digimon look how can they tell he is shady?"

�I'm more curious if they really think "settle down" was a�good idea to try and get someone to stop or there was a issue in the localization.

So he decides it is in fact going to be up and teleports out.

She and Glare talk about being worried about the cities and weirdness in this server. You actually get to see Julia's reason for worry in Dusk because hooded guy will first show up in its tutorial section. Which isn't the tournament but you being attacked by Vilemon in one of the maps before going to fight your rival. Though you stomp Newton into the ground first thing in both games.

"If you consider three boring curb stomps and only one semi good fight worthy pretty boy..."

"And you wonder why our tamer is still normal rank."

Yeah tamer rank was a way bigger deal in the last game. It was part of the plot and restricted your max digivolution level access at first. Yet in this game there is no super important reason to rank up, though we still will, and if you grinded enough you could maybe get a mega before the second boss. Also ignore those two they are just the bronze tamers they don't really contribute to this scene.

Blah blah there are sightings stuff we didn't know about...

He doesn't have to yell. Also instead of just saying keep quiet about the hooded thing why tell the normal rank tamer more sensitive information. Why not just plop me down in front of the big red button while you are at it.

We'll get a look at what that is in our Tamerhome...

Next time.

Though before we go I thought I would share my opinions on the three Digimon stars of Savers seeing as they were all represented in this part. Also fun fact despite appearing on the box art for Digimon World DS their full digivolution lines are not available in that game.

So first is the redesigned Agumon and his digivolution line of Geogreymon, Rizegreymon, Shinegreymon, and Shinegreymon's Ruin/Burst modes. Now I've got nothing against the Agumon redesign it wasn't a season that was as redesign crazy as Xros Wars, Fusion, and it still is an Agumon. Geogreymon is basically just a thinner Greymon with spikes. Rizegreymon is pretty cool actually with much more streamlined cybernetics in comparison to Metalgreymon and he has a giant revolver arm which is just awesome. Shinegreymon is ok but I somewhat wish is alternate forms, beyond Burst mode's flaming shield plus flaming sword of fire, were more than their basic appearance of recolors with a bunch of energy surrounding parts of them. It is kind of the same thing with how Imperialdramon Paladin mode is just Fighter mode with a cool sword.

In the show Agumon was almost more side kick to the hero Marcus Puncher of Universes and would always refer to him as boss. Also he liked to eat an egg dish which I think they called it fried eggs in the dub. Though Shinegreymon did get an interesting upgrade before burst mode.

Called the Geogreysword. A blade with a kick ass design that was straight up useless in every appearance beyond the first one. Really makes you wonder why they even put it in the show.

So next is Gaomon, Gaogamon, Machgaogamon, Miragegaogamon, and respective Burst mode. Gaomon is basically for his first three forms acting as a stand in for Gabumon during that season of the show but Miragegaogamon does break that trend somewhat by having a more knight like appearance. Though why he has the hazard symbol of Guilmon's digivolution line on the nose of his chest face is beyond me. Also he has my favorite burst mode with how it looks really unique to the other stages and that moon flail is pretty rad.

In the show Gaomon was also sidekick like to Thomas his partner with always calling him sir but the loyalty was presented a bit differently from Marcus and Agumon in the tone. Also I remember him being a bit bashful at moments which made me crack a smile.

Next is Lalamon, Sunflowmon, Lilamon, Rosemon, and Burst mode. Once again Lalamon is a stand in for its season acting for Palmon and even shares the same Mega form in this case. Design wise Lalamon is similar to Palmon with the small plant head thing, then more monster like weird champion, to slight fetish fuel, and the mega for Lalamon dives into straight fetish fuel. Don't believe me well look at what Rosemon has for a special move in the show...

Just look at that. I mean they got kind of pervy with Ryo's sword being powered up at the end of Tamers but it starts to get ridiculous. Actually after Tamer's in general it seems the amount of cheesecake per season is on a constant rise. With Xros Wars I think hitting some critical mass by Lilithmon in the Death Generals arc.

Now for Lalamon's character in the show.... I can't recall any. Honestly the rising cheesecake actually seemed at times to match up with a decrease in female character depth sometimes

Still that is all for now tune in next time to see more Digimon World Dawn and leave any comments you have especially if you want to yell at me for the comments about Rosemon.
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