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Lance's Burning Dawn: Spam TriRevolver Got It


So where were we. Oh yeah got to go meet the chief and enter the tourney.

So anyways meet Chief Glare and Ophanimon. They appear to have been in the middle of giving a pep talk to a bunch of characters we don't care about. Ok maybe that is mean but this game does have an issue of having a large supporting cast of people we don't care about. Also Glare is actually a guy incase you can't tell for I couldn't when I first played this game.

After talking to Glare just go up to the transporter pad to have your entire body destabilized just to enter an arena so we can fight the Night Crow tamer Newton.

You don't miss much with Newton's weak smack talk or the talking heads above you. That and during every fight during this Glare and Ophanimon give you tutorial exposition. Mind you think with my character rocking two Ultimate levels he'd know all this already. Still to summarize you can attack, use items, change the spacing of your team, and ect. standard stuff. Also meet the new team of Conner, Kimberly, and Daggeron. Why the team change? Well honestly when I restarted and got my files all working I had to restart and I had an idea for the team you all will see later. Now it is time for the epic battle of revenge against the evil...


... or Conner can just one shot him. I blame myself more. In the regular DS game before this you had to be Sliver Rank just to use an Ultimate but here I am rolling up to the Normal Rank tourney with two of them.

That you are a loser who will never amount to anything?

"What is he doing?"

"Who cares I want to hit something this time!"

Hey look an actually Ultimate level. Well unlucky for him it sucks. Anyways as you might notice some Digimon have different numbers of attacks. In this game it is split up in that you have four main attacks and then the signature move of whatever species of Digimon you have. You also have some attacks that hit more than one space and some that hit multiple times. Later we can even get to the attacks that hit multiple squares multiple times to really break the combat. Also it is recommended in this game to use digivolution trees to mix and match what you get to use.

"Ha we go beyond the impossible!"


"Shut up!"

Also trying out team banter let me know what you think.

Honestly look at all those critical hits. Also as you could see from Kimberly's attack there is some type advantage at play in battles but I admit to not giving it as much attention in this franchise. Also take a note of the exp gained for in the DS games experience is connected to the type of Digimon fought. Now any exp will level you up but some of the later digivolutions are going to require you to grind a specific type of exp in order to unlock it so keep that in mind.

"It was boring they couldn't even throw a single� good attack."

"I'm sure it should be a cake walk for you... as long as the bribes went through."

"For I can't let you do that Light Fang."

�Yeah notice that at times text boxes don't always finish the thought so it is an argument between taking even more screenshots or letting it be. I chose the easier one.

"Chaosgallatmon! Oh please sign my helmet please please please...."

Ahem if we may continue.

"Overpowered just like you are. In fact here she comes now."

You might be asking yourself did I just cut a middle out of her dialogue to make her sound dumb or is it this games localization because they stopped localizing games shortly after the one right after this. The answer is yes. Anyways Sayo is your rival no matter what gender you choose and in Dusk it is always the male Koh. Sayo is somewhat of a disappointing rival. Like the rival in Ruby and Sapphire level disappointing.

"Night Crow we bounce."

�I'm just going to spam TriRevolver but ok.

Relax it is just the tutorial I'll be fine.

Which we'll find out next time.

But for now it is time for Digimon fact of the day.

Did you know Chiaki Konaka the head writer for Digimon Tamers also wrote the 13th episode of Zero Two featuring a plot inspired by the Lovecraft body of work and featured the Digimon Dagomon...

Though it seems the people in charge pulled the darker story lines he had planned making it one of the strangest cliffhangers in the Digimon franchise. One can only wonder how the season would have turned out if he was in charge back then.

On top of that he also did the much darker Serial Experiments Lain.

So that was your Digimon fact of the day thank you for tuning in.
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