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Saints Row IV References


I found this interesting, so maybe someone else will too.

Note: Some of these references are spoilers for both Saints Row IV and the media it is referencing. �I have put the name of the referenced media first, to help try to avoid unwanted spoilers.

-From Mass Effect- Your presidential advisor Keith David is voiced by Keith David, who was also the voice of Colonel David Anderson in Mass Effect. �I guess that�s not so much a reference as a fun fact, but I digress. �The setup of the ship in SRIV is very similar to the Normandy. Also, �each ally in both games has a �loyalty mission� that can be completed to power them up. �Finally, the scene at the end of Mass Effect 2 where Shepard leaps to the ship is very reminiscent of the leap of the Protagonist in SRIV when he escapes.

-From Star Fox 64 - an ally recommends you �Do a Barrel Roll�

-From Harry Potter - The unnamed protagonist asks if catching a glowing yellow ball gives him points.

-From multiple stories of Edgar Allen Poe - A text adventure game has a section meant to depict "terror as personified by [Earth's] literary culture" containing a raven, a pendulum, a heart in the floor, and a walled off skeleton.�

-From Metal Gear Solid - There is a stealth mission where the protagonist wears an outfit very similar to Solid Snake. �Also, during the mission cardboard boxes are used to hide from guards. Finally, during the mission one guard says �This snake is 100% solid!�, except in this instance he is referring to his junk.

-From Dragon Ball Z � When Genki goes Super-Genki, he starts glowing yellow in a Super Saiyan-esque matter. �There is also a Super Saiyan hair option.

-From Mortal Kombat � Once ally Pierce�s super powers are unlocked, he is outfitted with gear that looks similar to Kung Lao's.

-From The Matrix � Once ally Ben King gets his super powers, he is outfitted in Morpheus� outfit from The Matrix.�

Gamefront made a video of another 50 references to pop-culture found in Saints Row IV
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