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Review: Sweet Fuse: At Your Side

Let me preface this by saying I have never, that I can recall anyway, played a game that qualifies as a dating sim or a visual novel. For reasons still not entirely clear to me, however, I was amused by the premise of Sweet Fuse and bought it on a whim. I'm writing this introduction just to warn veterans of the genre that I am not an expert, and to probably take a lot of what I say with a grain of salt. While I'm going to do my best to confine spoilers to things readily apparent in the first 10-15 minutes as the game gets you up to speed, if it's important to you not to have any story tidbits before playing, you may want to proceed with caution. I'll also be using screenshots from the game, mostly with text off. Unless it amuses me more to leave the text in.

Pictured: Charm! And interestingly not bondage.

To sum up, I think Sweet Fuse is a fun distraction and a fairly solid reason to whip out the PSP. The mechanics and puzzles leave a lot to be desired, namely in that they cannot truly be called either, but watching the personal relationships between the characters unfold is reasonably entertaining. Because of the puzzle issue, I think replay value may be limited unless you are interested in seeing all the different romances, which I admit I may actually do. Ultimately, if you have $29.99 to burn on a visual novel about a girl trying to save her uncle while also picking herself up a boyfriend, Sweet Fuse is the way to go.

I do not really like numbers on reviews, however, I offer the following to those who feel incomplete with out them:

π /∞
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