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My first summer with the Playstation

After being convinced by Tony Ponce,�who said that there is no better time to buy a console than at the tail end of a generation (cheap price, firmware fixed, 7 years of exclusives), I decided to finally dish out the money and have a Station to Play on. I thought it would be interesting to have someone�s fresh perspective on the console, after most of it�s exclusive titles had come out, so here are my thoughts on some of the PS3's many exclusives (as well as some not-very exclusives that I played first on a PS3 this summer).

The Last of Us

Due to a lack of funds, I haven�t gotten round to picking up the other�Metal Gear Solid�games, as I surely will, hearing great things about�Snake Eater�and�Guns of the Patriots, as well as wanting to catch up before�The Phantom Pain�is released. Nevertheless, I had a chance to play the very first�Metal Gear Solid, and let me tell you, it was great. The stealth, and even more, the controls, were quite modern for a game from 1998. This must�ve been one of the best looking PSOne games, because it looks superb, even today. By comparison, I can�t bring myself to play�Ocarina of Time�in its original form due to how badly it has aged. I can�t think of much else to say about this classic, but I will leave you with a question, �Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?�

Final thoughts

Apart from the games themselves, I found myself liking how lightweight the PS3 controller was, and it felt strange holding the bulky 360 controller after a while away from it.

In general, the Playstation has impressed me. Maybe it�s just playing all these stellar games in a short span of time, but the quality of these very diverse games simply amaze me. And don�t worry, there�s still plenty more for me to play - I just haven�t gotten round to it yet. Leave me a few suggestions of what I should consider picking up next - on my list are the remaining�Metal Gear Solid�s,�Ni no Kuni�and�Valkyria Chronicles.
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