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Sometimes the simplest memories are the most meaningful


I've been playing videogames for the vast majority of my life, and some of my most fondest memories involve gaming in some capacity or other. 

Today, I want to share a simple story with you guys about one of my favoruite moments I've had while playing games. 

There's nothing exciting about this story, it doesn't involve a funny punchline ending or any exciting adventures, but it really means a lot to me & I feel like I'd like to share it with you guys. 

About four years ago (I was like 16) my very good friend Alex and I were hanging out at my place. He was staying over for the night & we were both really into the Persona series at the time. I believe that Persona 4 like just came out or something so I was playing that, and Alex was watching me play. He looked a little bored so I suggested he go grab the other TV & the PS2 & he could play P3 while I played P4. So he set up the TV right beside mine, and powered on the PS2. 

We seriously sat there all night, barely talking to each other, engrossed in our games. TV beside TV. Friend beside friend. Just enjoying each other's company, and it was perfect. 

This memory really sticks out to me, and I'm not even entirely sure why. When people think of games that "bring people together" you usually think of something like Mario Kart or Rock Band or Call of Duty. You know, a traditional multiplayer game. But when I think back to that night with Alex & I gaming together, we were both engrossed in our own worlds. But we were still gaming together, bonding together & strengthening our [s]social link[/s] relationship. It was the perfect multiplayer experience.

As we got a bit older, Alex moved away to attend university so we don't have much time to hang out anymore on account of him being in a different province and all. But I'll always remember that night, and I hope he does too.
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