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RWBY Episode Three Review: With the Socks on that Motherfucker


Okay so third episode of RWBY is out and some things I do find my self liking while others are staying about the same in my eyes.

Though first things first I would like to point you towards those terrible walk cycles at 3:07. No seriously how is it that a Monty Oum animated production which is known for visuals like this years ago...

... could produce such bad walk cycles. In fact the�Anti Spiral Clone Army members�in that scene don't even look like they should be there. I know I'm maybe going over board here but just for how good the animation can be something like that really gets to me when I see it.

Though at least some of what I think are�part of the ASCA�now are modeled if for a brief bit of Sir just ogling their bodies. Which I got nothing against but on a personal note I am curious to see if with this being a web series will they be less heteronormative in terms of�character�relationships or if we might see a good character or two with alternate sexuality. If they do just� stick to everyone be hetero unless coded I guess I won't hold it against the series but I do hold hope in the internet for pushing boundaries like that with characters.

Still enough with the negatives or me rambling about things unrelated to the actual show and let's talk about the positives in this episode.

First #3856 is starting to grow on me due to him just being a bit of�a lovable dork. I mean the guy wears feety pajamas and just acts so awkward I can't really stay mad at him. Actually might have to give him a new nickname if this more interesting character keeps shining through.

Blake also made more of an impression by being a bit snarky but at the same time not rude. Really seems to be the one I'm most curious about what is going on inside their head. Though I have a feeling that book she was reading is some of the most obvious forshadowing I've ever seen due to what she is most likely a stand in for. Not that it is a bad thing more that it is hard to make such a thing subtle with what we know from the stuff leading up to the series being released.

Chazz gives a bit of a better performance� today for while she does keep the rich bitch attitude at least she has one good scene were she is rude to Ruby that I liked the delivery of.

I'm also forgot to mention but I do like the character Oz as well. Especially his opening little speech to the students. Though his performance is helped by sharing a voice actor with Agent Washington in Red vs Blue so the actor is probably keeping his skill sharpened by doing this and Red vs Blue season 11 at the same time.

So yeah that is my basic assessment of episode 3. Has problems but is giving me things to like so I might keep watching.

List of Nicknames so far:

Yang= Sir
Weiss Schnee= Chazz
Jaune= DLI #3856
Glynda Goodwitch: McWitchanimetits
Extras: Anti Spiral Clone Army (ASCA)
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