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IT'S HAPPENING - I am decimating my backlog; All out of bubblegum


And, wouldn't ya know it, speaking of Persona, the next game I'm about to tackle shall be Persona 3.

As I've mentioned, I've played a decent chunk of Persona 4: Golden already, but that was a while ago. Now, I feel I'm determined enough to take on the franchise long-term without putting it down for some nonsensical reason. After which, I'll likely be back on Persona 4.

This is an exciting time for me. I'm about to move into a new and lovely house next month and I've got all the free time in the world until the end of the year when school and, hopefully, a job will start back up. Best part is, I won't be taking that free time for granted any longer.

Wish me luck! I'm rolling out.

[Do you have any backlog woes? Tell me about them so when can cry and understand together.]
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