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My Gaming Story: Super Nintendo Bros - How fond gaming memories last a lifetime


The very same SNES eventually found its way into my possession with the complete collection of cartridges I played as a child. I've gone on to share the SNES co-op experience with my girlfriend, recounting tales of times spent at my grandparents house while we play. In fact, after spotting the SNES during a visit to my flat while I still lived in the Netherlands, William, my now non-gamer brother, practically begged for a final crack at Super Double Dragon. The decade of practice paid off as on that very night we beat the game for the first time.

And so that is how it came to be that the SNES, or to be precise our SNES, became a symbol of our brotherhood and reminded us of the days when we would stop our bickering and continue our quest for eternal co-op gaming glory.

And that's why I have, and always will, love gaming.
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