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RWBY Episode 2 Review: Get in loser, we're watching anime


So yeah the second episode is out and I'm starting to think that I might be having a different opinion than most if what's said in the comments section on Rooster Teeth is anything to go by. In other words I wasn't thrilled by this episode much at all.

Note the following is going to focus more on the negative because there is more I can talk about there and that doesn't mean that the episode is god awful so please keep that in mind.

Anyways the continuing trend of no detail on extras keeps up and it still bugs me. Maybe because it looks like the�Anti�Spiral is cloning itself and invaded this world.�I know designing original character models all the time is most likely difficult and I don't want to mock them fore not working or something but couldn't they have just madee a generic school uniform model and put like four different faces and hair styles on them. Sure you'll get clones once in awhile but if paying attention to popular trends tells me anything fans love background characters to do fanfiction with.

Also todays episode is only five minutes so it basically acts like a scene introducing White and Black plus male character Jaune or as I'll call him before proven different Disposable Love Interest #3856. DLI #3856 isn't an awful character mind he seems a bit awkward but sincere and gets the one funny line of the episode that worked for me when talking about his collapsible shield. Actually going back to the time limit though this episode did just feel more like the opening scene to a thirty minute showing that got cut and separated. Stills lets skip that and move onto design notes, Ruby's character, Black's intro, and White's intro.

First on design notes we do get to see what the school looks like and... my first thought was Disney castle. Not a bad thing mind it just didn't blow me away. Another thing is that movement seems more choppy at times meaning it is possible the trend some shows have were they put all the really god animation into the fight scenes might continue. Finally I'm starting to get the feeling this will really get aggressive with stock anime tropes after seeing Ruby suddenly becomes a floating chibi in this episode. May there be mercy for my soul.

Ruby is setting her self up as the over excited type for this show. Nothing annoying yet but nothing really inspired. The voice actress does a good job conveying that personality and I'm hoping the comments about learning something from someone's weapon leads to something interesting. Maybe not the learn about someone through conflict and battle like the Echani in KOTOR 2 but I can dream.

Now Black, or Blake,�was introduced as reading a book, giving some exposition, and walking away. Yeah that was about it though her voice work at first almost sounded either sleepy or trying to be Raven in the Teen Titans cartoon. It wasn't bad because I think there will be a characterization reason for her tone so I'll wait and see.

White on the other hand made me shiver with dread because of what it seems her character is going to be. For White, real name Weiss Schnee which is apparently White Snow in�german,�is a rich heiress of the.... Schnee company. Though in my notes due to not hearing it right I wrote it as the Thneed company. It seems to be the distributer of Dust in the world.�Which of course means we have the rich bitch stereotype for her character.

That and so far not in the a way that might make a form of satire or parody and as such my new name for White in the foreseeable future is Chazz Thneed. So Chazz yells at Ruby for being clumsy about something and then gets pissed at Black for implying her company treats its employees like crap or something. I don't know I was kind of tuning out at that point. I'm just hoping from what the old�trailer showed means that there is a lot of character development in store for her.

Anyways that is my views on the Second� Episode of RWBY I'm unimpressed but I'll hold onto hope because of the potential the trailers showed.

List of Nicknames so far:

Yang= Sir
Weiss Schnee= Chazz Thneed
Jaune= DLI #3856
Glynda Goodwitch= McWitchanimetits
Extras= Anti Spiral Clone Army
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