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Wouldn't you like to be a Hunter too?

I love this thing.

F.� Get a Circle Pad Pro.� I don't want to hear "oh, but you can control the game fine just using the touch screen for the camera".� You, sir, all full of the worst kind of shit.� I had to wait a week for my Circle Pad Pro XL to arrive from Nintendo.� During that week, I played the game using the touch screen for the camera.� Does it work, yes.� Is it worth a damn?� No.� Just, no.� When I received it and began using it, my comfort level with the game went through the roof.� I felt a lot more at ease with the controls and, as a result, more confident in my hunts.� It can be used for other games as well, so don't even try to pull that "I'm not buying a $20 attachment to use for one game" shit with me.� If you've got a standard 3DS, you can get one just about anywhere.� If you've got a XL, you can import one (why would you do this now?) or get it straight from Nintendo.� Don't believe me?� Try it both ways and then try to me about how great the touch screen is for the camera.

G. Love that farm.� Moga village has a little farm.� A little farm, fully dedicated to growing things for you.� Use it.� All throughout your story mode career, you'll be offered ways to upgrade your farm.� Do them as soon as you can.� Since the tougher, ranked, mode of the game still uses your time spent in Moga Village, that farm will be your best way from growing mass quantities of the things you need to make life saving potions and other assorted hunt supporting items.

So, that's it my fellow new hunter.� I can think of no more advice to give you.� As I said from the start, I'm still new myself so there are others out there that can offer far more aid than I.� But, I've shared some of the best things I can think of with you in order to help you find your way when you're just starting out.� Monster Hunter will not hold your hand or offer much in the way of guidance.� It has a very steep learning curve, sometimes brutally so.� But when you dig your heels in, devote time to learning the game, what you'll find is one of the most deeply rewarding gaming experiences you can have.� It's no wonder the game is so hugely popular in Japan, with an ever growing audience the world over.� It's not perfect but damn if it isn't one of the best games you'll ever play.� Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to hunt.� Daddy needs a new Hunting Horn.
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