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Clearcutting your way to rare beetle paradise in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

It's no secret that Bells are easier to come by this time around in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.� But, it's out of necessity that you may now load down your dirty little pockets with riches.� Between your home renovations, all the things to buy, and now a whole town to run (by yourself because don't think for one second that one of your lazy neighbors will ever fork over a single bell to help out).� It had to be easier to get rich or you'd never make any progress.� By this point, most people know that the island is the fastest way to make a lot of Bells thanks to your palm trees playing host to a whole mess of rare beetles.� But, there are "tricks" to make your beetle hunting playground all the more effective.� Allow me to show you.

1. Skip the boat ride.� Riding with Kapp'n in his boat is fun the first few times you do it.� He sings you a catchy tune and you're quite content to just ride along.� It gets old though so keep hitting B and it'll interrupt his song and take you straight to your destination.� Don't worry, it doesn't affect your relationship with him even if he does get a little put off.

4. Take away a few palms too.� This is totally optional and personal preference but I removed the palm trees on the bottom half of my island.� This way, I can look up the beach and see if there are beetles on the palms.� Since these beetles tend to fly off at the slightest hint of quick movement, it lets me see them first.

5. After 5pm.� Most people should know this but those wonderful beetles don't come out until after 5pm.� Same goes for sharks.� So, prep your island a bit early then put your 3DS in sleep mode until it's time for some beetle hunting.� Also, if you're walking about and no beetles are coming to visit, go into the hut and come back out.� It resets what's out there.

These tips will maximize your beetle catching time but will make your island quite ugly.� So, it's up to you to decide how important a swift Bell run is compared to an attractive island.
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