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Nintendo is not doomed, but the WiiU is not well either


'Please help us by buying three WiiUs. You love us, so go and do it!'

The WiiU tried to use the same formula the Wii used. Cheap, unusual controller and Nintendo franchises. But the Wii was a fad, which was left to gather dust after a few years. Nintendo failed to realize that and used the same formula expecting that lightning would strike twice, but ignored that the same formula that worked seven years ago could not work again, in a completely different scenario that Nintendo doesn�t want to accept is reality.

So, no, Nintendo will not die if the WiiU fails. They have enough resources and the 3DS to keep them afloat to try again. But Nintendo, right now, is doing nothing of the �ifs� and �cans� that could save their console. And if they keep waiting, the WiiU could replace the GameCube as the worst home console in Nintendo�s otherwise brilliant story.
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