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Why nine out of ten pixies prefer Shin Megami Tensei over other JRPG brands!

Okay, so I don't know if anyone around here has noticed, but I really like Shin Megami Tensei.

Kidding, I think everyone knows.

My love is not to the exclusion of other RPGs, mind you, but I would say as JRPGs go its defined the last decade for me in the way Final Fantasy VI and SNES/Game Boy RPGs defined my teen years. SMT has been around about as long as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy have been, but really didn't touch western shores in a big way until just over nine years ago on the PS2

Before that, we just had the PSX Persona games and The Demon Slayer on Game Boy Color, which were placed under the "Revelations" banner. And the PSX Persona characters were deeply Americanized and laughably localized by the folks at Tecmo. Let's positive thinking!

Shin Megami Tensei and its spin-offs have a great deal of respect for much the subject matter they look at. Sure, you can also kill a disembodied head that thinks its YHVH, but even in games like Devil Survivor the series isn't afraid to question someone's Atheism, either. You can meet Lucifer and everything he says sound so right and yet... you're not sure about the guy since there's so much also biblical about him

While some of the older entries are a bit rough around the edges, I always look forward to the opportunity to see what themes were explored and what will be explored in the newer games.

In the last nine years its never gotten old for me and I think that's something special.
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