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A Chronological playthrough of Metroid (part 2/9)


It has been more then a week since I made my first post about this playthough I am making and I finally completed Metroid Prime. It took a bit longer then I expected due to real life shit and because I did not play it that long on a single day. I also finished playing on Saturday and only started writing this today, I guess E3 shit consumed quite a bit of time here.

So here something about my experience playing Metroid Prime.
Metroid prime is not extremely long, I played it at around 15 hours which is reasonable. The combat of the game is very easy even if the game where to have perma death it would not matter as I did not die a single time in the entire playthrough. This is something I have never had before, I always at least had a few accidental deaths or deaths on bosses I did not know hot to defeat but Metroid Prime was that easy in combat. If I went for veteran mode directly this may have been different though which I will if possible in the future Metroid Prime games.

This is however not the full story as figuring out how to navigate the terrain, how to get stuff, and where to go are also important parts of the gameplay so in that sense it was not just breezing through the game. The figuring out where to go part was easy at first but later on it would be fairly time consuming, luckily the hint system points me in the right direction after a certain time.

Graphically the game is clearly dated, however it does have some things a lot of modern games do not. It has dynamic lighting even if it's not per pixel it does add a bit and it really tries to emerge you in the helmet, adding things like reflections of your eyes when an explosion is near, and having smoke that goes up vent fog your visor are a few examples of that.

Another great graphical thing is that most of the upgrades you can get are visually present, from the change on the gun for every new projectile type to the spider ball changing your morph ball to the port for the grappling hook showing up when you use it, it all shows and it is all great. A shame most games don't take nearly as much effort in emerging you into a first person view as Metroid prime does.

The audio is also great and very memorable, one of the best soundtracks I have seen in modern games. I also like it how upgrades like missile tanks and energy tanks give off a sound so you know one is near which in turn makes you search for it.

The wiimote controls do seem to add something to the old gamecube controls it used to be with, a wiimote just is a lot more accurate then a conventional controller in games like this.

Overall I found it a great game even now and am looking forward to playing 2 and 3 after I play hunters which I fear will not be that great.

Please note that I do not expect anyone to read this really except for the indexers and that I am only really writing this for myself.
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