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My Gaming Story: Falling in love with gaming over and over again


I could fill this blog with so many stories about various moments I fell in love with gaming over my lifetime: the lasting effects of Silent Hill 2 on my psyche, being pleasantly surprised that Samus Aran and Leon S. Kennedy could go through massive, game-changing transformations in their respective franchises, silently breathing "wow" upon first booting up Bioshock and feasting my eyes on its visuals, and feeling a sense of boyhood wonder upon first playing Rock Band or using the Wii controller for the first time.  The main thing I want to get across is this: a love for gaming is ever-growing and ever-changing; and just as the heart has many different emotions and facets to it, so too does a bond with gaming as a whole.  And you can tell me now that there is a reticule on top of the Zapper for shooting the ducks in Duck Hunt from far away and you can tell me that Mean Mr. Sun can be killed by a Koppa shell in Super Mario Bros. 3, but you can never take away the happiness and fear I felt about those things as a kid.  Love has so many emotions attached to it, and those little electronic boxes have an abundance of feelings attached to them.

Here's to hoping the future of gaming goes hand in hand with an everlasting love.
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