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Why I Love Remember Me (but I want it to fail)


If the game enjoys mainstream success, it will continue to be held to mainstream ideals of quality. The poor reviews will keep coming in to the extent where it will be banished to that "Land of Misfit Games that no one really takes seriously years from now." For a game crafted in such a way that it feels like an awesome B movie, I think it deserves a better fate than that.

Sure, it's possible that the game can be successful and ALSO become a cult classic. Perhaps I'm exaggerating the mediocre scores a bit. But there's one other factor that encouraged me to write this: If the game succeeds, there is the possibility of a sequel. The prospect of that would make me very excited. But I don't want it.

I want this game to be like Firefly, where people see it in retrospect and wish there was more, knowing they'll never get it. It's like a martyr; killed off with much potential so that for years to come we can point to it and say "games should be more like that." I think that is a fate more befitting this game. Remembered, in memoriam.

Let's kill this game... just to revive it again.
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