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Why I'm just saying no to Xbone

Short and sweet:�
Microsoft clarified the details regarding the Xbox One's policies regarding used games, DRM, etc. I have to say, it's even worse than I expected. I admit that I'm not a MS fan but I was still interested in this as they are a major player in the video game industry. After thinking about this clarification, I cannot understand why anyone would want this technology in their home.

I am a serious user of technology and believe that there are both benefits and responsibilities as such. I am also a big fan of Orwell's 1984 and it seems these worlds are colliding. With Verizon admitting that they're working with the government to collect information on their customers, I cannot understand wanting an always-on camera and microphone in my home. Worse, that camera/mic combo is connected to a box that will connect to a Microsoft surver once ever 24 hours to verify information. This is even more alarming when one considers that Microsoft built a surveillance system for NYPD (http://mashable.com/2012/08/09/microsoft-police-privacy/).

Beyond this privacy concern, there's the practical side of things. The Xbox One removes your ownership of what you buy. If you cannot connect to the internet to check in every 24 hours, you cannot play your games. I still play many of my old games, going back to the SNES/Genesis era. That will be impossible with the Xbox One as, eventually, the servers will be unplugged and the system becomes as useful as a box.

To be fair, Sony has been quiet on most of this and that is just as disconcerting. I can see them launching without any of this stuff, but watching Microsoft and, if it's working, adding it in. As much as I love my PS3, it's lost a lot of the functionality it had when I bought it.
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