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The Last of Us or OH GROW UP ALREADY!!!?


So the reviews for The Last of Us are pouring in. Suffice it to say, tens and masterpieces are everywhere to be found; Destuctoid's own Jim Sterling gave it a 10/10. The game has been hyped to an incredible degree, and I am looking forward to playing it myself.

However, with great hype, comes great irresponsibility on the part of gamers, and The Last of Us proves this community has not really matured or evolved by any substantial measure, only continuous breaking up into more divided and rigid chunks.

First up to the shark tank was Polygon with the 'bravest', we shall say, review so far of 7.5. That is still a good score, even a very good score by some standards, but the internet would have none of it, and the review has received a delicious serving of nearly 1200 comments as of this writing. Take that Polygon, you filthy slime!

However, the absolute wrath of the insecure gamers' rage would be saved for Gamespot's devilishly low score of...an eight...yes, an eight, out of ten. A review so terribly blistering to gamers that Gamespot's on-site review has recieved an astounding 14,000+ comments so far; and let us not even get started on their youtube review. I will leave them both for you to see for yourself, beware, the rage is strongly stupid with this one:

Gamespot's On-Site Review

This is, of course, not the first gamers lost their shit over a score they did not like. Nor is it the first time Gamespot, and even Naughty Dog, have come under fire.

Eurogamer got slammed for giving Uncharted 3 an 8/10. Having played the game myself, my personal opinion would have been lower on account of that game's third act collapsing, but that is my PERSONAL opinion.

Gamespot is the trope namer in this regard having given an 8.8 to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and thus caused the sun to be blot out for a week, leading to famine across the world from dying crops. The children of Africa still curse the name Gamespot whenever they hear it...

Jim Sterling basically nailed this ridiculousness in his Hate out of Ten video:

As for the history of this incredibly embarrassing, yet continuous cycle, have a look see over at TvTropes page. Our own Destuctoid has its own tab, good job y'all!

8.8, worst score ever!!

In my humble opinion, it is episodes like this that truly embarrass gaming as a medium, not big boobed witches, not the VGAs, this. Sure you get rage comments in other mediums such as music, movies, even dare I say it, politics and reality!! However, the gaming community has been trying really REALLY hard lately to be taken seriously, even too hard in this writer's, again humble, opinion. On one hand, you have gamers who want to elevate gaming above all the other mediums, claiming its uniqueness in what mostly amounts to pretentious gas, and on the other, you have dumb shit like this!

At some point, gamers need to realize that what we are fighting over is distraction from reality, when in actuality, we should be dealing with reality. We should not be looking for confirmation bias for the sake of filling our hollow ego, we should be confident in ourselves.�

However, if genuinely, your biggest fear is that a low score may damage sales, and considering the scores The Last of Us is getting, I highly doubt a few 'low' scores are going to chip away at that incoming cash cow, here is an idea: When you ACTUALLY play the game, write a review, tell us how you feel, and post it on the internet, post it to your friends, go outside and tell your friends, go outside!!

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