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A chronological playthrough of Metroid


The first thing I noticed is that Zero Mission was indeed a short game, it only took me somewhere between 6 and 8 hours to complete. Normally this would be a bad thing but since I have 8 other Metroid games to play I found it nice that it was short.

I don't know if it differs from the NES original here but the game was not very difficult, sure I had to try bosses a few times and sure I died quite frequently in the late game but I never got the impression that I had to do my best, it was never truly challenging. The most I died on a boss was 5 times for the mother brain and for the first half of the game I have only encountered 1 death so I would either have to say I am good or the game is easy. I didn't bother replaying it on hard but I always assumed that most NES games where hard as nails so if it is the same as the NES game here it is surprising to see it actually being fairly easy.

It is also not like I got a lot of energy tanks either, while it is often a nice challenge to get the problem is that it also makes you life easier, and I think that is a big problem in general. If you have 4 extra health tanks a 5th one does make a big difference and 5 was only what I got in the end. Missile tanks and other consumables are often very easy to get and do not offer much of an extra challenge so in the end it leaves you with a fairly easy game till you may or may not be able to go to hard mode.

Graphically the graphics did their job well on the gba and really for a 2d game like this it is not like you need anything better. Sure modern particle effects and higher ress sprites could look better but its a non issue here. The sound is good but since I don't have the proper extension I could only hear it through the speaker of the gba sp which is still quite decent but mostly limited to the speaker.

Gameplay wise there is a decent number of upgrade to gather along the game but since it was the first metroid game there is nothing truly unique there. Shooting is rather simple and the terrain is easy to navigate so I guess that is all I have to write here.

I would say it was a fun 6-8 hours that works really well in modern standards but don't go expecting anything epic here. Like I said not a full review just a collection of thoughts on the game.

Note: the formatting is not perfect but it was the best I could do in the editor, centering the images without creating blank space around it was just not possible, even now I had to clean up a lot of shit.
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