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Occams Thoughts: Debate


I'm all for healthy debate.� Debate is a hallmark of human communication.� Its one of the many ways we learn and grow from one another.� There are debates that are super important, like the debate over legalizing gay marriage (which shouldn't be a debate at all but that's neither here nor there) then there are less important debates like who would win in a fight between a Predator and the Midwest.�

Fun fact: This was a debate that raged for my entire undergrad career.� Sure, the Midwest has the numbers but the Predators have optic camouflage and laser cannons and those badass telescoping spears.� Really, depending on the weather and the day, it could go either way but my money is on the Predator.

Now just imagine Adrien Brody is the Midwest.�

So lately there has been a lot of controversy surrounding video games.� Xbox One and the clusterfuck of information that has been coming out about it.� Used games.� Indie developers.� Always on.� TV, TV, TV, Sports.� So many aspects and all this information being put out there is like a cloud of angry bees stinging my dick hole only the dick hole is inside my brain.� Its this jumble and the more I hear about it the less I seem to know.� Personally, I'm not too terribly excited for the Xbox One so far but I'm waiting for E3 to see what else Microsoft has to offer.� Then today I see that the next Tropes vs Women video is up.� More debate.� More controversy.� It would be one thing if it was reasonable discussion but this being the internet, it is decidedly not all that reasonable.� Oh sure, there's definitely some reason in there but its drowning in a sea of angry reactionary stuff, like a kitten drowning in an above ground pool filled with Ocean Blast Powerade.

When I hear the term "Ocean Blast", this is what I think of.

My rambling, tired point to all this is that its no fun being angry all the time.� Its downright exhausting, in fact.� We need to take a deep breath, remember why we love video games and have an open discussion.� Try to understand one another rather than immediately shitting on someone's opinion.� Debate can be this wonderful tool for understanding one another but when it turns into this ugly, angry thing it becomes toxic and starts to poison the well.� I know that for me, the anger has turned me off from trying to engage in a discussion and it makes me feel old and tired.� Its hard to get excited about upcoming games when everywhere I look its how this company is horrible and this game is horrible and this perspective is shit.�

Video games are amazing.� I mean, when you think about it, its kind of science magic.� We are living in an amazing time of innovation and growth for this medium that we all cherish and respect.� Don't bring yourself down along with everyone else by being an angry prick.� You do yourself and this medium you propose to love a great disservice.��

One last note:� I'd like to call a moratorium on replacing the "s" in Microsoft with a dollar sign.� Really, any of those things like Crapcom of whatever you can change Sony into.� All of them are, to put it gently, super lame.

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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